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Jest setup file to stop React 15.5 createClass / PropTypes deprecation warnings
import React from 'react';
* Since React v15.5, there's a warning printed if you access `React.createClass` or `React.PropTypes`
* `import * as React from 'react'` is required by Flowtype ,
* but the * causes both those deprecated getters to be called.
* This is particularly annoying in Jest since every test prints two useless warnings.
* This file can be used as a Jest setup file to simply delete those features of the `react` package.
* You don't need the deprecation warning. Your tests will simply fail if you're still using the old ways.
delete React.createClass;
delete React.PropTypes;

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@seanf seanf commented Jan 19, 2018

I know gist notifications are pretty much non-existent, but thank you @turadg! Handy for TypeScript migrations too.


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@turadg turadg commented Apr 13, 2018

I ended up back here and saw your comment @seanf. Not that you'll get this notification, but if you end up here again: thanks for your comment. :)

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