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Created February 24, 2021 15:06
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avro tricks
# get schema
java -jar ../avro-tools-1.10.1.jar getschema twitter.avro
# get meta
java -jar ../avro-tools-1.10.1.jar getmeta twitter.avro
#create avro
java -jar ../avro-tools-1.10.1.jar fromjson --schema-file twitter.avsc twitter.json > twitter.avro
# create avro with snappy
java -jar ../avro-tools-1.10.1.jar fromjson --codec snappy --schema-file twitter.avsc twitter.json > twitter.snappy.avro
# get data
java -jar ../avro-tools-1.10.1.jar tojson twitter.avro
java -jar ../avro-tools-1.10.1.jar tojson twitter.snappy.avro -pretty
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