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Created May 10, 2019

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rhel subscription manager notes

rhel rhsm commands

# get the status of the node
subscription-manager status

# list the subscriptions attached
subscription-manager list
subscription-manager list --available
subscription-manager list --consumed

# Register a node to rhel subscription
subscription-manager register
subscripton-namager register --auto-attach --user=username --password=XXXX --proxy=XXX(optional)

# Unregister a node from rhel subscription
subscription-manager unregister

# delete specific subscription before unregistering
SERTIAL=$(subscription-manager list --consumed |awk '/Serial/ {print $2}')
subscription-manager remove --serial $SERIAL
sudo subscription-manager unregister

# auto attach subscription that's available
subscription-manager auto-attach

# attach a specific pool id
subscription-manager attach --pool=XYZ01234567

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