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Move clock to right elementary os


  • Get the latest code of wingpanel:
  • Extract and open terminal in source folder wingpanel-[version]
  • Open file Panel.vala, replace line center_menubar.add (indicator_entry); by right_menubar.insert_sorted (indicator_entry);
  • Open file IndicatorSorter.vala, add line indicator_order[Indicator.DATETIME] = 10; in contruct. Change indicator_order[Indicator.SESSION] = 10; to indicator_order[Indicator.SESSION] = 11;
  • Run command
        meson build --prefix=/usr
        cd build
        sudo ninja install
        wingpanel or killall wingpanel
  • Don't forget install required libs:
    • libgala-dev
    • libgee-0.8-dev
    • libglib2.0-dev
    • libgranite-dev
    • libgtk-3-dev
    • meson
    • libmutter-2-dev
    • valacc

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