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* Copyright (c) 2017-present, Facebook, Inc.
* This source code is licensed under the MIT license found in the
* LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.
// See for all the possible
// site configuration options.
// List of projects/orgs using your project for the users page.
const users = [
caption: 'User1',
// You will need to prepend the image path with your baseUrl
// if it is not '/', like: '/test-site/img/docusaurus.svg'.
image: '/img/docusaurus.svg',
infoLink: '',
pinned: true,
const siteConfig = {
title: 'Test Site', // Title for your website.
tagline: 'A website for testing',
url: '', // Your website URL
baseUrl: '/', // Base URL for your project */
// For type URLs, you would set the url and baseUrl like:
// url: '',
// baseUrl: '/test-site/',
// Used for publishing and more
projectName: 'snippets-manager',
organizationName: 'Tiffany White',
// For top-level user or org sites, the organization is still the same.
// e.g., for the site, it would be set like...
// organizationName: 'JoelMarcey'
// For no header links in the top nav bar -> headerLinks: [],
headerLinks: [
{ doc: 'doc1', label: 'Docs' },
{ doc: 'doc4', label: 'API' },
{ page: 'help', label: 'Help' },
{ blog: true, label: 'Blog' }
// If you have users set above, you add it here:
/* path to images for header/footer */
headerIcon: 'img/docusaurus.svg',
footerIcon: 'img/docusaurus.svg',
favicon: 'img/favicon.png',
/* Colors for website */
colors: {
primaryColor: '#2E8555',
secondaryColor: '#205C3B'
/* Custom fonts for website */
fonts: {
myFont: [
"Times New Roman",
myOtherFont: [
// This copyright info is used in /core/Footer.js and blog RSS/Atom feeds.
copyright: `Copyright © ${new Date().getFullYear()} Your Name or Your Company Name`,
highlight: {
// Highlight.js theme to use for syntax highlighting in code blocks.
theme: 'default'
// Add custom scripts here that would be placed in <script> tags.
scripts: [''],
// On page navigation for the current documentation page.
onPageNav: 'separate',
// No .html extensions for paths.
cleanUrl: true,
// Open Graph and Twitter card images.
ogImage: 'img/docusaurus.png',
twitterImage: 'img/docusaurus.png'
// Show documentation's last contributor's name.
// enableUpdateBy: true,
// Show documentation's last update time.
// enableUpdateTime: true,
// You may provide arbitrary config keys to be used as needed by your
// template. For example, if you need your repo's URL...
// repoUrl: '',
module.exports = siteConfig;
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