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# I Pledge To Be Better
I want our industry to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive place for everyone, regardless of
their gender, abilities, skin color, sexual orientation, age, class, neuro-diversity or any other attribute.
I acknowledge that this is not currently the case, and will do my best, to the extent that I can
afford to dedicate to this, to help make ours a better community and industry.
I value the diversity of perspectives that people with different backgrounds bring to the table.
I will call out exclusionary practices, behaviors or cultures and see how, together, we can perhaps
reshape them to be inclusive and supportive instead.
I will take some time to read up on, and educate myself about issues such as sexism in our industry.
I acknowledge the onus is on me to be decently informed before speaking out, calling out, or
participating in these discussions.
I will examine my own privileges, uncomfortable though it may be, and do my best to recognize them
going forward.
I will call out people for behaviors that I deem offensive or unacceptable, but I will do so
respectfully and with civility. I will strive to educate, not antagonize.
I acknowledge that I will make mistakes, and that I may offend someone unintentionally with my words
or actions. Rather than get defensive when called out on it, I will try my hardest to listen
respectfully, and learn more instead.
I will decline opportunities to speak at events that have predominently or exclusively white male
line-ups, to offer that opportunity to an equally if not more capable or suitable (non-white/male)
person, who may simply not be as widely recognized due to the cyclical system that favors those who
have spoken before.
I will not attend events that do not have clear [Code of Conduct policies][1], like an anti-harassment
or diversity statement. I will also decline to attend events that feature, or permit to attend, any
known offender of sexual assault.
I pledge to be better, and set a positive example for others in our community, industry, and society.
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