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@txus /rbxX19
Created Jun 28, 2011

rbx -X19
➜ ~ rvm:() rvm install rbx-2.0.0pre --enable-version=1.8,1.9 && rvm use rbx-2.0.0pre && rbx -X19 -e "puts({a: 1})"
rbx-2.0.0pre installing #dependencies
Pulling from origin 2.0.0pre
Copying from repo to source...
rbx-2.0.0pre - #configuring
rbx-2.0.0pre - #compiling
rbx-2.0.0pre - adjusting #shebangs for (erb ri rdoc).
rbx-2.0.0pre - #importing default gemsets (/usr/local/rvm/gemsets/)
Using /usr/local/rvm/gems/rbx-2.0.0pre
➜ ~ rvm:(rbx-2.0.0pre)
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