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Last active December 1, 2017 15:06
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Hexbin Map of Location History
figwidth = 14
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(figwidth, figwidth*h/w))
ax = fig.add_subplot(111, axisbg='w', frame_on=False)
# draw neighborhood patches from polygons
df_map['patches'] = df_map['poly'].map(lambda x: PolygonPatch(
x, fc='#555555', ec='#555555', lw=1, alpha=1, zorder=0))
# plot neighborhoods by adding the PatchCollection to the axes instance
ax.add_collection(PatchCollection(df_map['patches'].values, match_original=True))
# the mincnt argument only shows cells with a value >= 1
# The number of hexbins you want in the x-direction
numhexbins = 50
hx = m.hexbin(
np.array([geom.x for geom in city_points]),
np.array([geom.y for geom in city_points]),
gridsize=(numhexbins, int(numhexbins*h/w)), #critical to get regular hexagon, must stretch to map dimensions
bins='log', mincnt=1, edgecolor='none', alpha=1.,
# Draw the patches again, but this time just their borders (to achieve borders over the hexbins)
df_map['patches'] = df_map['poly'].map(lambda x: PolygonPatch(
x, fc='none', ec='#FFFF99', lw=1, alpha=1, zorder=1))
ax.add_collection(PatchCollection(df_map['patches'].values, match_original=True))
# Draw a map scale
m.drawmapscale(coords[0] + 0.05, coords[1] - 0.01,
coords[0], coords[1], 4.,
units='mi', barstyle='fancy', labelstyle='simple',
fillcolor1='w', fillcolor2='#555555', fontcolor='#555555',
fig.suptitle("My location density in Seattle", fontdict={'size':24, 'fontweight':'bold'}, y=0.92)
ax.set_title("Using location data collected from my Android phone via Google Takeout", fontsize=14, y=0.98)
ax.text(1.0, 0.03, "Collected from 2012-2014 on Android 4.2-4.4\nGeographic data provided by",
ha='right', color='#555555', style='italic', transform=ax.transAxes)
ax.text(1.0, 0.01, "", color='#555555', fontsize=16, ha='right', transform=ax.transAxes)
plt.savefig('hexbin.png', dpi=100, frameon=False, bbox_inches='tight', pad_inches=0.5, facecolor='#DEDEDE')
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