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tylermakin /
Last active Mar 18, 2020
Configure Chromebox for Single-App Kiosk Mode

Chromebox Single-App Kiosk Mode

Configure Chromebox to auto-launch a Chrome app when device is turned on. App will launch automatically without login or prompt.

To enable kiosk mode for a web page, the third-party Kiosk app is a great option.


  1. Wipe data on Chromebook
    1. Turn off Chromebox
    2. Press "Reset" button with paperclip or pin
    3. Press recovery button while turning on device
tylermakin / Multipart MIME
Last active Mar 23, 2021
Multipart MIME Email Guide
View Multipart MIME

Multipart MIME Email Guide

This is a guide on how to send a properly formatted multipart email. Multipart email strings are MIME encoded, raw text email templates. This method of structuring an email allows for multiple versions of the same email to support different email clients.

// Example Multipart Email:
Subject: Multipart Email Example
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="boundary-string"
tylermakin /
Last active Apr 3, 2021
Tutorial for configuring FTP access to an EC2 server