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@tzeejay tzeejay/What car to buy
Last active Aug 19, 2018

What would you like to do?
I don't want to specifically point at a car and tell you to buy it. I don't know you and even if I did cars are about emotions.
Just because it tickles me the right way doesn't mean that it tickles *you* in the right way.
Therefore I will recommend various cars (in random order) based on features and if I would I trust these
manufacturers with my life.
Any variation of hybrids are good in my opinion, but I would stay away from the E-Drive cars.
The Hybrids used to be garbage but the tech has advances quite a bit since and you can now get them in something that
doesn't look like a Prius. It's a great tradeoff for most people.
I think you have to chose for yourself but I will try to push you into a couple of good directions, in my opinion.
For me there are a couple of features that every car should feature (setting aside all the things like Airbags, etc.):
1. Heated seats (almost all manufacturers couple this to leather seats)
2. AC (basically all new cars have that now) + heated front and back windows
3. Park distance control + backup camera (I'm convinced that this is a safety feature since it gives
you another angle at where you're going!)
Seriously, buy something with a backup camera. It has saved me more than once.
VAG (I'm German I'm sorry 😄):
- Golf is basically always a good to go to car. Lots of different models exist, from boring to pretty fast
(I drive a 2017 Golf R Variant). The facelift Golf 7 (mid 2017 and newer I think) have pretty nice technology
on the inside and are overall pretty robust. There even is a Golf Cabriolet which was discontinued in 2015.
It's bigger than your Clio. Golf 5 and older has crummy interiors which I absolutely dislike but Golf 6 +7 are ok size
wise on the inside.
- Polo. Starting from 2015-ish they grew a fair bit on the outside so I'd say it's a bit bigger than your Clio but just a bit.
The new one looks a bit like a Mercedes-Benz S-Class on the inside.
- T-Roc. A bit bigger than your Clio + you sit higher above the ground which gives you a better vantage point onto
what's happening in front of you.
- Tiguan. Maybe you can find something in your price range from 2015-2016.
Not sure about the used car market in the UK. It's my optional pick from VW because it's similar to the T-Roc in that
it also gives you a better vantage point because of it's hight but bigger on the inside.
They are essentially VW/Audi clones but a bit more plasticky on the inside and therefore cheaper.
Underlying tech like engine + transmission etc. is the exact same as VW/Audi/etc.
Overall less "style" + more long term value compared to the other VAG brands.
- Fabia. Bigger than your Clio but not by a lot. It's a bit smaller than a VW Golf IIRC
- Rapid Spaceback. Never seen this one to be honest. Looks like an Audi A3 Sportsback from Skoda.
- Karoq. My girlfriends grandparents bought one a couple of months ago and they're are really happy.
I sat in it once but never driven it. It's like the VW Tiguan.
- The new Fiesta (especially ST) looks really good. If you can get a deal get the Fiesta ST.
The engine package is incredible value for the money! Similar size to your Renault Clio but way faster!
- Ecosport / Kuga are somewhat similar in that they're are both mid sized SUVs but I think the Kuga is kinda ugly
on the inside whilst begin the bigger car. Some Fords have really weird interiors so I recommend that you go and take a
thorough look.
- Focus is a great car. Definitely a bigger car than your Renault Clio . Ford usually has a lot of plastic in their
interiors so I recommend that you get nothing older than 2015.
Never owner or even driven either of the following so I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here but they seem to be
pretty solid cars.
Just from looking at their website I would checkout the
- i20 Similar size to your Renault Clio
- i30 VW Bigger than your Renault Clio
- Kona. It's a mid sized SUV
I never really heard any wild stories like you do about French/American cars so I think it's safe to
recommend Hyundai + they started motorsport testing their cars in the WRC which is always a good sign
to me since lots of innovations come from motorsport.
All these Japanese brands have great reputations for reliability. I wouldn't mind driving any of these,
if I wouldn't be so picky about horsepower etc.
- Yaris May be too small for you but I would check it out regardless
- Auris is a bit bigger than your Renault Clio
- C-HR has been picked up by a couple of famous tuners around the world at the same time so I think
it may be an interesting car if you're into the look.
Anything else that has a Toyota badge on it and you like is probably safe to buy. The cars are built
to last like almost nothing else. You find a lot of Toyota Hilux in war zones for a reason.
Again Japanese manufacturer known for reliability.
- Micra is about your Clios size. Maybe a bit bigger.
- Pulsar is bigger than your Clio and I think you sit a little higher
I would personally stay away from any French/Italian cars in your price range.
They're not well built and have tons of engineering flaws. They're cheap but a Japanese car will always
have better value for the money
Short form:
1. VW Golf
2. VW T-Roc
3. Toyota Auris
4. Skoda Fabia
5. 2018 Ford Fiest ST
6. Ford Focus
7. Hyundai i30
I'm probably missing something here but this is just a quick summary.
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