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Last active Aug 29, 2016
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Bash script to rebase certain branch onto your current one
# Your project path
cd /path/to/project
# Base branch which will be rebased, suppose it's "master"
# Current branch
curBranch=`git status |head -n 1| grep "branch" | cut -d ' ' -f 4`
# if we're not on baseBranch - update it and do rebase
if [ "$curBranch" != "$baseBranch" ];
echo "Updating $baseBranch"
git co "$baseBranch" && \
git plo "$baseBranch" &&
echo "$baseBranch updated"
echo "Moving to $curBranch and start rebasing"
git co "$curBranch" && \
git rebase "$baseBranch"
# else just update baseBranch
git plo "$baseBranch"
exit 0
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