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Last active Mar 4, 2021
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Obvious warning

Don’t use this romanization as is. Have it converted to regular TNIL by a tool.


Unaccented TNIL graphemes get assigned to themselves, with the notable exception of ẓ j. Then ç becomes q, and any remaining accented grapheme is represented by capitalizing the base letter (e.g., č C).

bilabial labio-dental alveolar (alveolo-)palatal velar/uvular glottal
stop p b t d q k g '
fricative f v T D s z S Z x R h
affricate c j C J
nasal m n N
approximant w j
lateral l
tap r
lat. fric. L


Vowels are spelled like in TNIL, with diaereses converted to majuscule letters (ä → A). Stress is indicated by following the vowel character with a semicolon ;.

Grapheme mapping

a ä b c ç č d ḑ e ë f g h i ï j k l ļ m n ň o ö p r ř s š t ţ u ü v w x y z ẓ ž '
a A b c q C d D e E f g h i I J k l L m n N o O p r R s S t T u U v w x y z j Z '
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