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How to make intraday charts with quantmod and the free barchart getHistory API
# Here we get 5 min intervals from the API, docs:
gdxjson <- fromJSON("<< INSERT YOUR API KEY HERE >>&symbol=GDX&type=minutes&interval=5&startDate=20151019000000")
# Columns that need to be coerced to numeric types, and columns to remove
numeric_columns <- c('open','high','low','close','volume')
rm_columns <- c('timestamp','symbol','tradingDay')
results <- gdxjson$results
# Convert character vector to time objects using lubridate
results$timestamp <- ymd_hms(gdxjson$results$timestamp)
timestamp <- results$timestamp
# Now loop over columns coercing and removing as necessary, is there a better way?
for (col in names(results)) {
if (is.element(col, numeric_columns)) {
results[col] <- as.numeric(results[[col]])
if (is.element(col, rm_columns)) {
results[col] <- NULL
# Convert dataframe to XTS object
gdx_xts <- as.xts(results, timestamp)

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uberscientist commented Oct 26, 2015

output chart with EMA:

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