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MPV, youtube-dl and web browsers

Stream videos (or audio) with 2 clicks?



cp /usr/share/applications/mpv.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/mpvv.desktop

Exec=mpv --no-cache -- "$(xsel -b)"

Audio only (with thumbnail)

cp /usr/share/applications/mpv.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/mpva.desktop

Exec=mpv --ytdl-format=bestaudio --loop --no-sub-auto --no-stop-screensaver --no-config --script-opts=osc-visibility=always --external-files-append "$(youtube-dl --get-thumbnail "$(xsel -b)")" --autofit-smaller=960x480 -- "$(xsel -b)"

Download music?

cp /usr/share/applications/mpv.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/mpvd.desktop

Exec=st -g 100x20 -e youtube-dl -xf bestaudio -o '~/Music/%(title)s.%(ext)s' -- "$(xsel -b)"

depending on the terminal emulator formatting of -o may be problematic

Add to your panel(s), Copy Link Location and click


  • icons/breeze/actions/22/
  1. im-youtube.svg
  2. kdenlive-show-video.svg
  • icons/breeze/places/22/
  1. folder-download.svg
  2. folder-music.svg

Icon=/usr/share/icons/breeze-dark/actions/22/im-youtube.svg or Icon=im-youtube.svg


or just add st mpv --ytdl-format=bestaudio -- $(xsel -b) as a keyboard shortcut to your window manager

or something like this


sselp can be used with Firefox which populates both primary and clipboard


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