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NSApp.servicesMenu in JXA
#!/usr/bin/osascript -l JavaScript
function MainMenu() {
function MenuItem(title, action, key) {
return $.NSMenuItem.alloc.initWithTitleActionKeyEquivalent(title, action, key)
function MenuItemSeparator() {
return $.NSMenuItem.separatorItem
const appName = ''//$.NSProcessInfo.processInfo.processName.js
const mainMenu = $
const itemApp = $
const itemFile = $
const itemEdit = $
const menuApp = $.NSMenu.alloc.initWithTitle(appName)
const menuFile = $.NSMenu.alloc.initWithTitle('File')
const menuEdit = $.NSMenu.alloc.initWithTitle('Edit')
itemApp.submenu = menuApp
itemFile.submenu = menuFile
itemEdit.submenu = menuEdit
NSApp.servicesMenu = $
const itemAppServices = $
itemAppServices.title = 'Services'
itemAppServices.submenu = NSApp.servicesMenu
const itemAppHideOther = MenuItem('Hide Others', 'hideOtherApplications:', 'h')
itemAppHideOther.keyEquivalentModifierMask = $.NSAlternateKeyMask | $.NSCommandKeyMask
menuApp.addItem( MenuItem(`About ${appName}`, null, '') )
menuApp.addItem( /*--------------------------------------------------*/ MenuItemSeparator())
menuApp.addItem( MenuItem('Preferences...', null, ',') )
menuApp.addItem( /*--------------------------------------------------*/ MenuItemSeparator())
menuApp.addItem( itemAppServices )
menuApp.addItem( /*--------------------------------------------------*/ MenuItemSeparator())
menuApp.addItem( MenuItem(`Hide ${appName}`, 'hide:', 'h') )
menuApp.addItem( itemAppHideOther )
menuApp.addItem( MenuItem('Show All', 'unhideAllApplications:', '') )
menuApp.addItem( /*--------------------------------------------------*/ MenuItemSeparator())
menuApp.addItem( MenuItem(`Quit ${appName}`, 'terminate:', 'q') )
menuFile.addItem( MenuItem('New', 'newDocument:', 'n') )
menuFile.addItem( MenuItem('Open...', 'openDocument:', 'o') )
menuEdit.addItem( MenuItem('Undo', 'undo:', 'z') )
return mainMenu
App = Application.currentApplication()
App.includeStandardAdditions = true
NSApp = $.NSApplication.sharedApplication
NSApp.mainMenu = MainMenu()
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BrokenFreelancer commented Aug 20, 2018

hei, it was super useful to find this!

There is one line though that potentially makes the code work a lot better, at least it now in 2018 on High Sierra.

The code seems to work with a much reduced risk of errors adding after line 63:


Hope it can help if anybody else finds this old gist while snooping around for the sparse JXA examples out there. :-) <3

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