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Google Summer of Code 2017 - Uday Theja - Contributions - FOSSASIA

GSoC 2017 Work Product - Uday Theja


To build a web application making use of the functionalities of SUSI.AI Server. The server makes use of different skills which are defined in the Skill Data Repository. The web application utilises the SUSI.AI Server API and will have functionalities such as replying intelligently to user's queries in different formats including text, image, table, map, emojis etc, accounting features, personalization features and much more.


I contributed to several SUSI.AI projects of FOSSASIA within the 2017 Google Summer of Code period and my main project was SUSI Web Chat Application. My contributions to SUSI.AI repositories have been listed below.

SUSI Web Chat: GitHub Repository


SUSI Skill CMS: GitHub Repository


SUSI Server: GitHub Repository


SUSI Skill Data: GitHub Repository

  • Issues (Assigned/Resolved): Link
  • Commits: Link
  • Pull Requests Link

Blog Posts

My Blogs posted till date on FOSSASIA's blog website can be found here


My Daily Scrum Reports (i.e everyday work updates) can be found here.

GSoC Meetup

Organised a university meetup about Google Summer of Code, FOSSASIA, SUSI.AI and other FOSSASIA projects in IIT Madras, India.

Twitter Facebook FacebookEvent


  • My Twitter updates about FOSSASIA and SUSI can be found here
  • My Facebook updates about FOSSASIA and SUSI can be found here
  • YouTube Screencast about SUSI WebChat can be found here
  • Presentation about SUSI WebChat can be found here
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