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Host staticman v2 API on heroku

Host staticman v2 API on heroku

  • Creat a new github account which will be added as collaborator to the project using staticman.
  • Go to settings -> developer settings -> personal access tokens. Create a token with admin:repo_hook permission.
  • Save the token.

  • Create a new app on heroku
  • Setup ENV variables
    • Set NODE_ENV to production
    • Set GITHUB_TOKEN to the token generated above
    • Set RSA_PRIVATE_KEY to rsa key created by openssl genrsa -out key.pem
  • Fork staticman
  • Under deploy tab in heroku use Github as deployment method.
  • Select dev branch and deploy

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VincentTam commented Sep 12, 2019

Staticman v3 API is available. It allows support for GitLab. You might want to update your gist.

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