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Last active Oct 30, 2017
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A collection of links I've gathered during my time learning as an intern at Eris Industries

Essential Eris

This is a collection of links I've gathered during my time learning about Eris Industries. I spent a couple months learning to be a marmot during the summer of 2015 and this is a small attempt to share what I learned.

This collection is themed after Eric Elliott's curated list of JavaScript resources. I highly recommend taking a look if you are at all intersted in JavsScript.

While my time as an intern didn't have the outcome I had hoped, I still found a lot of value in working with them. If you find yourself knee deep in marmotology (and the Tao of DAO), may this help you get a head start!


  • Full Name: Eris Industries, Ltd.
  • Long: Eris Industries
  • Short: Eris, or occasionally EI

Online Spaces

On The Web



Learning Resources

Notable Articles

Articles I often referenced for pulled quotes.

“There are two ways to go about the ‘change the world’ thing: sledgehammer, trying to break down the gate, [or] surreptitiously through a back door. We’re after the latter.”

"The biggest misconception is that we want to build stuff for banks. We're about providing developer tools for anyone and everyone to do whatever they want without our knowledge or consent. We're an open-source company."

The Art of Being a Marmot

Because Cuddle!

Project Douglas / History

The predecessor to the Eris stack was basically a distributed version of reddit written for a contest. Here's a ton of resources from before Eris was officially a thing.


An incomplete list of links I was gathering about my intern project.

Weird, but Cool

Not Eris

These are things that I found interesting, but not nessisarily representitive of Eris as a company.

Politically Oriented

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