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Working from home

Muhammad Umair Adil umair13adil

Working from home
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View Methods_in_Dart_Lesson_7.dart
void main() {
void my_function(String a1, int a2){
print("This is my function! $a1 $a2");
my_function("String 1", 1);
my_function("String 2", 2);
View If_Else_In_Dart_Lesson_8.dart
void main() {
var my_value = true;
if(my_value == true){
print("My value is True");
print("My value is False");
View For_Loops_In_Dart_Lesson_9.dart
void main() {
for(var i = 1; i<=10; i++){
List list_1 = ["s1","s2","s3","s4","s5"];
for(var i=0; i<list_1.length; i++){
View Classes_In_Dart_Lesson_10.dart
void main() {
var apple = FoodClass(); = "Apple";
apple.color = "Red";
apple.calories = 100;
apple.isNatural = true;
print("${}, ${apple.calories}, ${apple.isNatural}, ${apple.color}");
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