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One Click Submit a Google Form

The process below will allow you to submit a google form by clicking a single link. Documenting because I never seem to remember.

Initial steps:

  • Get the id of the form, located after the /d/e portion of the Form URL
  • Grab the textarea name from the Google Form page source. I normally do a manual search entry. and find the form field name from there.

The "New" Google Forms would show

<!-- formatted for readability -->
<input type="text" 
    class="quantumWizTextinputPaperinputInput exportInput" 
    aria-label="Enter Your Age" 
    aria-describedby="i.desc.1524225339 i.err.1524225339" 

Click to see the textarea of the "old" Google Forms

<textarea name="entry.1366940499" rows="8" cols="0" class="ss-q-long" id="entry_1366940499" dir="auto" aria-label="Enter your age" aria-required="true" required=""> </textarea>

  • In the above example, you need the value of name.
    • In the "New" Google Forms example above, this value is entry.1366940499
    • Be sure to only use the value of the name parameter, not the id or i.desc
  • Once you have collected all of the entry fields, you may begin to construct the url:
  • Base URL snippet:[entry.number=value]&submit=SUBMIT
  • Replacing FORMID, entry, and value, you have a url that will submit a form when used with curl (bash), UrlFetch (Google Apps Script), or pasted into your browser.

A live example


  • Click the link above to submit the form, or do the following:
    • Copy the link and paste it into the address bar in your browser or text editor
    • Edit the url to change the value of entry.244206211 to any value of your choosing
      • NOTE: Editing the url in Microsoft Word or Excel will cause the form to submit three times. Not sure why, but I will update when I have more information (thanks for letting me know!)
    • Hit Enter to submit the form
  • View your submission in the responses sheet, linked below
  • View the form responses here

Auto Submit A Form

Be Advised: This may not be the best method.

A simple javascript fetch() command can be used to automatically submit the form on page load using something like <body onload="submit(answer)">.

function submit (answer) {
  answer = encodeURIComponent(answer)

  var formId = '1FAIpQLScJqX5YrRP8Q6sQsx3dCvTjwkv0byizdD2_IvJM5i2CAz-GPw'
  var queryString = 'formResponse?&entry.244206211=' + answer + '&submit=SUBMIT'

  var url '' + id + queryString

  var opts = {
    method: "POST",
    mode: "no-cors", // apparently Google will only submit a form if "mode" is "no-cors"
    redirect: "follow", 
    referrer: "no-referrer"

  return fetch(url, opts)

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@ziv-caspi ziv-caspi commented Sep 24, 2019

Been looking for a solution for this for a while, Thank you!
Will update if works for me


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@sabgaby sabgaby commented Jun 1, 2020

This is great! thanks!

I am new at this, so, how would you go about to only accept answers from a specific email? If I collect emails, it will prompt to confirm to submit the form under the signed-in email address, so it will not auto-submit.

I created a Punch Clock for employees that works with NFC fobs with a prefilled auto-submit URL written in them. Works great atm.. but eventually need to only accept answers from specific emails/users.

Any ideas?


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@ajahuanex ajahuanex commented Jun 19, 2020

Did someone work?
share the code please


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@ohidurbappy ohidurbappy commented Sep 23, 2020

Editing the url in Microsoft word, submits the form 3 times, because the program retrieves (visits the url) the title, preview of any url you work with int the docuement. That causes the submission.

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