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The Case For Go #golang

jbowles commented Mar 1, 2013

This is great!

levicook commented Mar 3, 2013

Good resource. Two more (I think), from's engineering team:

Go Go Gadget

NSQ: realtime distributed message processing at scale

petar commented May 2, 2013

(Maybe off-topic) The Go Circuit Project:

nathany commented May 24, 2013

Disqus adds #golang to their stack for real time. Check out the Pycon video for background:

nathany commented May 25, 2013

Really want to know why Go made a lot of magic things and thanks for sharing as well.

Really wanna dive in!.

ePak commented Jul 14, 2015

Url has changed for " How We Went from 30 Servers to 2 with Go"

@nathany - agreed. Now merged into:

Please do take a quick look through:

...and let me know if there are any obvious omissions.

Great article! I am working on an executive overview that I need to present to my manager, can anybody point me to some other high-level discussions on this topic, I'm not a great writer (except when it comes to code :)) and I would like to see how some people describe it in a way that's easy for non-technical folks ... Thanks

Great resource, thanks a lot for putting this document together!

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