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Phalcon Authentication Issue [Note] This was actually an issue with me having my column length, in my users table, too short. Instead of 60 chars max, I had it at 50 chars max. DOH![/NOTE]
class SessionController extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Controller
public function indexAction()
// Will display users profile... once logged in
* Log in a current user and start session
public function startSessionAction()
$data = $this->request;
$username = $data->getPost('username');
$password = $data->getPost('password');
$user = Users::findFirstByUsername($username);
if($this->security->checkHash($password, $user->password)){
$this->persistent->name = $user->name;
$this->flashSession->success('Welcome ' . $this->persistent->name);
return $this->response->redirect('user/index');
$this->flashSession->error("The username you provided is not in our system.");
return $this->response->redirect('user/login');
$this->flashSession->error("Password does match our records for " . $user->username . " .");
return $this->response->redirect('user/login');
// Destroy Session
public function destroySessionAction()
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