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using UnityEngine;
public class TerrainDetector
private TerrainData terrainData;
private int alphamapWidth;
private int alphamapHeight;
private float[,,] splatmapData;
private int numTextures;
public TerrainDetector()
terrainData = Terrain.activeTerrain.terrainData;
alphamapWidth = terrainData.alphamapWidth;
alphamapHeight = terrainData.alphamapHeight;
splatmapData = terrainData.GetAlphamaps(0, 0, alphamapWidth, alphamapHeight);
numTextures = splatmapData.Length / (alphamapWidth * alphamapHeight);
private Vector3 ConvertToSplatMapCoordinate(Vector3 worldPosition)
Vector3 splatPosition = new Vector3();
Terrain ter = Terrain.activeTerrain;
Vector3 terPosition = ter.transform.position;
splatPosition.x = ((worldPosition.x - terPosition.x) / ter.terrainData.size.x) * ter.terrainData.alphamapWidth;
splatPosition.z = ((worldPosition.z - terPosition.z) / ter.terrainData.size.z) * ter.terrainData.alphamapHeight;
return splatPosition;
public int GetActiveTerrainTextureIdx(Vector3 position)
Vector3 terrainCord = ConvertToSplatMapCoordinate(position);
int activeTerrainIndex = 0;
float largestOpacity = 0f;
for (int i = 0; i < numTextures; i++)
if (largestOpacity < splatmapData[(int)terrainCord.z, (int)terrainCord.x, i])
activeTerrainIndex = i;
largestOpacity = splatmapData[(int)terrainCord.z, (int)terrainCord.x, i];
return activeTerrainIndex;

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@ziplock9000 ziplock9000 commented Mar 20, 2019

At Line 17 you call GetAlphaMaps and cache the data into a float array. Is there no way to directly access the data within the terrain instead of duplicating some of the data?

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