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#! /usr/bin/python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import filecmp
dir1 = '''/Applications/Microsoft'''
dir2 = '''/Applications/Microsoft'''
def get_common_files_helper(base_dir, dcmp):
if os.path.islink(os.path.join(dcmp.right)):
# print "skip dir link %s" % os.path.join(dcmp.left, base_dir)
return []
rs = []
rs0 = filecmp.cmpfiles(dcmp.left, dcmp.right, dcmp.same_files, False)
for name in rs0[0]:
rs.append(os.path.join(base_dir, name))
# for name in rs0[1]:
# print "%s is false same" % os.path.join(base_dir, name)
for name, sub_dcmp in dcmp.subdirs.iteritems():
path = os.path.join(base_dir, name)
rs += get_common_files_helper(path, sub_dcmp)
return rs
def get_common_files(dir1, dir2):
return get_common_files_helper("", filecmp.dircmp(dir1, dir2))
def get_ino(path):
return os.stat(path).st_ino
common_files = []
print "calculating common files..."
common_files += get_common_files(dir1, dir2)
except OSError as ex:
print "Error: %s" % ex.strerror
print "Maybe you have installed Office in a non-default location."
n_common_files = len(common_files)
print "n_common_files: %s" % n_common_files
i = 0
for filename in common_files:
path1 = os.path.join(dir1, filename)
path2 = os.path.join(dir2, filename)
# if get_ino(path1) == get_ino(path2):
# print "same inode for %s" % filename
# else:
# print "diff inode for %s" % path1
# print " and %s" % path2
# os.rename won't create parent dir for me
# os.renames will prune empty dir from src
# Let's be lazy to skip backuping...
os.remove(path2), path2)
i += 1
if i % (n_common_files / 10) == 0:
print '%s files linked...' % i
print "done"

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commented May 16, 2016

Will you extend it to support all Office products at the same time ?

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