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Created Jun 12, 2020
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import { App, ViewRenderConfig } from "";
import { Handlebars } from '';
import { HomeArea } from "./areas/home/HomeArea.ts";
const app = new App({
areas: [HomeArea],
// Basedir path
const viewPath = 'views';
// Create Handlebars config
const handle = new Handlebars({
baseDir: viewPath,
extname: '.hbs',
layoutsDir: 'layouts/',
partialsDir: 'partials/',
defaultLayout: 'main',
helpers: undefined,
compilerOptions: undefined,
type: 'handlebars',
basePath: viewPath,
getBody: async (path: string, model: any, config: ViewRenderConfig) => await handle.renderView(path, model),
root: 'statics',
baseRoute: '/statics/',
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