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Performance, server-side, commit 81fc88e
Scale 2560×1600 RGB image
320x200 bil 0.02447 s 167.42 Mpx/s
320x200 bic 0.04624 s 88.58 Mpx/s
320x200 lzs 0.07142 s 57.35 Mpx/s
2048x1280 bil 0.08656 s 47.32 Mpx/s
2048x1280 bic 0.12079 s 33.91 Mpx/s
2048x1280 lzs 0.16484 s 24.85 Mpx/s
5478x3424 bil 0.38566 s 10.62 Mpx/s
5478x3424 bic 0.52408 s 7.82 Mpx/s
5478x3424 lzs 0.65726 s 6.23 Mpx/s
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