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def create_field(field, field_attributes)
# Multiple values
if field_attributes.is_a?Array or field_attributes.is_a?ActiveRecord::Associations::CollectionProxy
multiple_values = []
field_attributes.each do |atr|
atr = atr.attributes if field_attributes.is_a?ActiveRecord::Associations::CollectionProxy
atr.reject! {|k,v| k.eql?"id" }
atr.merge!({ :user_id => })
multiple_values <<
end "#{field}=", multiple_values
# Single values
field_attributes.reject! {|k,v| k.eql?"id" }
field_attributes.merge!({ :user_id => }) "#{field}=",

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@gil27 gil27 commented May 29, 2014

Uma outra abordagem: Assim tentamos respeitar o princípio de single responsability dos métodos.

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