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Created January 25, 2021 23:02
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Lead Link:
Project Name: The Skull
Creator Name: Uri Shaked
Company Name: CodeMagic
Creator Email:
Location: Ramat Gan
Country: il
Working on it on my own :-)
Project Name: The Skull
Project Description:
A decorative skull PCB that also doubles as a multi-step Capture-The-Flag
riddle. When you touch the back of its head, the LED-powered eyes light up. You
have to figure out a way to extract a secret string embedded in the firmware
through the skull's eyes.
Prototype Status:
I have a working prototype and can send a unit to CrowdSupply. The hardware is
ready, and a basic version of the firmware is already functional. The CTF
riddles still needs some work (I have a very rough prototype and began testing
with some friends).
Manufacturing Plan:
I got quotes from several PCB+PCBA fab houses in China, and plan to manufacture
at least 50 units.
The board schematic will be open, and the entire firmware will be open. People
will need to get them in order to solve the CTF riddles.
Supporting Material:
Latest prototype - front, back, and short video:
Testing the CTF riddle on an early prototype: (link omitted)
Main Components:
The MCU will be ATtiny45, and it will be powered by a CR2032 battery. All the
other parts are very common (passives, 5mm red LEDs, metal battery holder).
My first CTF riddle, also based on the ATtiny chips, was launched back in
November 2019:
I started working on this riddle shortly after, and had the first hardware
prototype in December. I spent the next few months thinking about the CTF
riddle and tinkering with different ideas. I then moved on to the 2nd hardware
prototype on June. Now I'm working on finalizing the riddles.
Launch Date:
Delivery Date:
About 5,300 followers on my personal Twitter account + 1800 followers on the
Facebook page ( Haven't reached out to them
(except for a single teaser tweet mentioned above).
The product doubles as a decorative PCB (there are quite a few of them on
Tindie), and as a hardware CTF riddle.
CTFs are very common in the information security industry, and there are also
some specific hardware products that target this market, e.g.:
Campaign Goal:
Sell at least 50 units (but hopefully even some more!)
Funding Allocation:
I'm not sure about the exact shipping/fulfillment process works with crowd
supply and the associated costs.
The approx. manufacturing costs, according to the quotes I got, are as follows:
50 units, including shipping to Israel: 300-400$ (depending on the fab house).
100 units, including shipping to Israel: 400-600$.
How can we help?:
Working out a marketing plan together, learning from your experience on
crowd-sourcing projects (this is my first one), and also figuring out logistics
Additional Details:
I currently have three different riddles planned for this board, with an
increasing difficulty. The first stage should be solvable by anyone with a
mobile phone, and the next stages may require some more sophisticated hardware
(e.g. an Arduino Uno or a second skull board), I'm still working out the
details. I may also add a 4th riddle to the firmware, perhaps as a stretch
Let's talk!
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