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A quickstart guide to deploying cert-manager and nginx-ingress on GKE

This is a quick recipe for deploying cert-manager and nginx-ingress on GKE to obtain SSL certificates from Lets Encrypt. Whilst this recipe is designed for Google Cloud Platform, it can easily be adapted for other cloud platforms.

We'll begin with a Kubernetes cluster, and we'll obtain authentication credentials.

gcloud container clusters get-credentials my-test-app
kubectl config current-context
kubectl get nodes
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EU agrees Brexit 'transition' negotiation guidelines
The European Union has set out its demands for the temporary transition period after the UK leaves in March 2019.
The EU wants the UK to continue to follow its rules but not be involved in making decisions.
Brexit Secretary David Davis said the UK wanted a "right to object" to new laws passed by the EU during this time.
Downing Street said there would "naturally" be differences between the sides ahead of negotiations.