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@usrdev usrdev/bird.conf.example Secret
Created May 8, 2019

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cat >> /etc/bird/bird.conf <<EOF
filter packet_bgp {
# the IP range(s) to announce via BGP from this machine
if net = then accept;
router id; # this server's IP address
protocol direct {
interface "lo"; # restrict network interfaces it works with
protocol kernel {
persist; # don't remove routes on bird shutdown
scan time 10; # scan kernel routing table every 10 seconds
import all; # default is import all
export all; # default is export none
protocol device {
scan time 10; # scan interfaces every 10 seconds
protocol bgp {
export filter packet_bgp;
local as 65530; # this needs to match the Peer ASN in azure
neighbor as 12076; # azure always uses 12076
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