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Last active August 10, 2016 18:59
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Pull an inventory of all ESXi VTEP virtual interfaces from all connected vCenter Servers
function Get-VMHostVtepInterface {
Gather VTEP interface inventory from all ESXi hosts
Gather VTEP interface inventory from all ESXi hosts.
This function was written with scale and speed in mind. It pull a host inventory using API calls and then unrolls API properties and
assigned them to a PSCustomObject.
Author: Kevin Kirkpatrick
Email: Kevin(at)vmotioned(dot)com
Version: 1.0
Updated: 8/10/16
Update Notes: 8/10/16
Write-Verbose -Message "[Get-VMHostVtepInterface] Gathering VMHost Inventory"
try {
$vmHostInventory = $null
$vmHostInventory = Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name,Config -ErrorAction 'Stop'
} catch {
throw "[Get-VMHostVtepInterface][ERROR] Could not gather VMHost inventory using 'Get-View'. $_"
} # end try/catch
} # end BEGIN block
foreach ($vmHost in $vmHostInventory) {
$vtepInterfaceQuery = $null
$vtepInterfaceQuery = $vmHost.Config.Network.Vnic | Where-Object {$_.Spec.NetStackInstanceKey -eq 'vxlan'}
$vmHostName = $null
$vmHostName = $vmHost.Name
[uri]$vCenter = $null
$vCenter = $vmHost.Client.ServiceUrl
Write-Verbose -Message "[Get-VMHostVtepInterface] Gathering VTEP VMkernel Interfaces for host {$vmHostName}"
foreach ($vtep in $vtepInterfaceQuery) {
$objVtepInt = @()
$objVtepInt = [PSCustomObject] @{
VMHost = $vmHostName
Interface = $vtep.Device
MacAddress = $vtep.Spec.Mac
IPv4Address = $vtep.Spec.Ip.IpAddress
SubnetMask = $vtep.Spec.Ip.SubnetMask
DHCP = $vtep.Spec.Ip.Dhcp
MTU = $vtep.Spec.Mtu
TsoEnabled = $vtep.Spec.TsoEnabled
NetworkStack = $vtep.Spec.NetStackInstanceKey
PinnedPnic = $vtep.Spec.PinnedPnic
vCenter = $vCenter.Host
} # end $objVtepInt
} # end foreach $vtep
} # end foreach $vmHost
} # end PROCESS block
Write-Verbose -Message "[Get-VMHostVtepInterface] Processing complete"
} # end END block
} # end function Get-VMHostVtepInterface
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