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4.14 raw changelog


  • --mirror option for logging output to console
  • option to show errors view from the toolbar
  • customization of Discord button using invite URL from GMCP or Lua
  • dark theme toggle to preferences
  • events when a speedwalk() is stopped, paused, or finishes (reaches the end)
  • IDManager and named tempTimers/event handlers from script
  • option for secure IRC connections
  • resetDiscordData() function
  • what color formats are acceptable in places it is missing in Geyser ldoc comments
  • clear error console functionality
  • Custom right click menu items for command lines
  • Gmod busted tests
  • Save/Load map as .json from preferences dialog


  • map context item names
  • [CodeFactor] eliminate (some of) our C style casts
  • allow wait for more network packets to be adjusted
  • cleanup room_exits.ui file
  • Clear edit forms for deleted items
  • Create map / Load map dialog will be again present for empty map
  • Create room at right-click position
  • Do not trim whitespaces in tab completion
  • icons not coloured status text for normal exits in exits dialog
  • icons not coloured status text for special exits in exits dialog
  • only enable IRE driver GA bugfix for IRE games (unnnecessary newlines with GA)
  • Properly announce Discord failing on length 1 texts
  • shorten welcome message for new aliases & triggers
  • simplify dlgRoomExits() invocation
  • sync mpackage modules
  • Unregister fonts upon package/module uninstall
  • update bundled NotoColorEmoji font
  • use constants to index into special exit columns in dlgRoomExits


  • CodeQL warnings
  • copy2decho() on empty lines
  • copy2decho, copy2html to work for all international text
  • Discord logo dimensions on profiles screen
  • Export Triggers title bar to be more generic
  • Adjust height of command box when cycle through history
  • cleanup: remove some warnings in uses of QKeySequence
  • correct a missing override that showed up during CI
  • disable more controls in preferences when there is no host
  • don't show jibberish when Adjustable Container title bar is too short + add position as option for setTitle
  • eliminate a load of warnings about missing-field-initializers
  • Lua functions for tempKey and tempAlias work again
  • modules no longer get emptied if reloaded during saveProfile()
  • only provide NAWS information from main console
  • remove spaces in initializer brackets
  • remove stray debug messages
  • repair prevent all controls from being hidden feature
  • settings button will be available again before you connect to a profile
  • try and make connectExitStub(...) work as per the API
  • update default Zombiemud port
  • update PCRE download source to one that still exists


  • add 'Chancel' as an allowed codespell - it's an area in Lusternia
  • Add 'nd' as an allowed word
  • add knowledge for debug symbols in builds
  • added label for port in Github Codespaces
  • close out p tag in text label
  • danger checks in JS
  • disable Windows builds in GHA
  • fix Windows changelog generation now that we have quotes
  • fixed autoupdate workflows to trigger checks
  • git ignore 3rdparty boost and cocoapods
  • give a danger-friendly PR title to Crowdin updates
  • Improve ptb changelog generation
  • make sure to fail Windows builds in case the packaging step failed
  • More adjustments to the changelog styling
  • read error log correctly from Windows installer tool
  • remove unrendered emoji characters from changelog script
  • remove unused mUserDefinedName in code
  • update appveyor signing password
  • updated Lua tests documentation
  • Lua tests to run in CI automatically
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