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Last active Sep 12, 2015
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Snakes and Ladders game built during code jugalbandhi at functional conf (
(ns snl.core
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[clojure.pprint :as pp]))
(defonce game-state (atom {:players [] :board nil}))
(defn board! [] (:board @game-state))
(defn players! [] (:players @game-state))
(defn snakes! [] (:snakes (:board @game-state)))
(defn ladders! [] (:ladders (:board @game-state)))
(defn snake [size _]
(let [sq1 (rand-int size)]
[sq1 (inc (rand-int sq1))]))
(defn ladder [size _]
(let [sq1 (rand-int size)
sq2 (+ sq1 (rand-int (- size sq1)))]
[sq1 sq2]))
(defn generate-board [n]
(let [num-cells (* n n)
snakes (into {} (map (partial snake num-cells) (range n)))
ladders (into {} (map (partial ladder num-cells) (range n)))]
{:num-cells num-cells :snakes snakes :ladders ladders}))
(defn next-pos [from num-cells]
(let [new-pos (+ from (inc (rand-int 6)))]
(if (< new-pos num-cells) new-pos from)))
(defn is-winning-move? [new-pos]
(= new-pos (dec (:num-cells (:board @game-state)))))
(defn move! [from]
(let [new-pos (next-pos from ((board!) :num-cells))
ladder-pos (get (ladders!) new-pos)
snake-pos (get (snakes!) new-pos)]
(or snake-pos ladder-pos new-pos)))
(defn init-game! [board-size num-players]
(let [players (into [] (repeat num-players 0))
board (generate-board board-size)]
(reset! game-state {:players players :board board})))
(defn play! []
(while (not-any? is-winning-move? (players!))
(let [positions (map move! (@game-state :players))]
(swap! game-state assoc :players positions)
(pp/pprint positions))))
(defn -main []
(init-game! 20 5)
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