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import { r as registerInstance, h } from './core-957b5e39.js';
const FancyAFButton = class {
constructor(hostRef) {
registerInstance(this, hostRef);
this.clickedCount = 0;
handleClick() {
this.clickedCount += 1;
render() {
return (h("button", null, h("span", null, this.title), h("span", null, " ", this.clickedCount)));
static get style() { return "button {\n position: relative;\n font-size: 18px;\n width: 200px;\n height: 50px;\n color: #000000;\n background-color: #ffffff;\n border: #000000 solid 1px;\n padding: 10px;\n transition: all 0.1s ease;\n -webkit-transition: all 0.1s ease;\n -moz-transition: all 0.1s ease;\n}\nbutton:hover {\n cursor: pointer;\n color: #ffffff;\n background-color: #000000;\n}"; }
export { FancyAFButton as fancy_af_button };
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