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vaklinzi / console.log.vim
Created April 7, 2021 10:22 — forked from nervetattoo/console.log.vim
console.log in vim
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" Console log from insert mode; Puts focus inside parentheses
imap cll console.log();<Esc>==f(a
" Console log from visual mode on next line, puts visual selection inside parentheses
vmap cll yocll<Esc>p
" Console log from normal mode, inserted on next line with word your on inside parentheses
nmap cll yiwocll<Esc>p
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" inner word
" around word
" a sentence
" inner sentence
vaklinzi /
Created November 8, 2019 17:33 — forked from nienkedekker/
Set up PHP-CS-Fixer in PHPStorm

Use PHP-CS-Fixer in PHPStorm

  • Install PHP-CS-Fixer on your local machine according to these instructions:
  • Open PHPStorm, Preferences > Tools > External Tools and enter these values: img
  • Program, edit to match your path where PHP-CS-Fixer lives: /.composer/vendor/friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer/php-cs-fixer
  • Parameters: --rules=@PSR2 --verbose fix $FileDir$/$FileName$. Note that previous verions of PHP-CS-Fixer used --levels instead of --rules.
  • Working directory: $ProjectFileDir$

Click OK and Apply. Now we'll set up a shortcut.

  • Go to Preferences > Keymap and search for "PHP Fixer" (or whatever name you gave it). Add whatever shortcut you like, I'm using ctrl + cmd + ]: