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select * from dbo.Deployment d LEFT JOIN dbo.Channel c
ON d.[JSON] LIKE '%"ChannelID":"' + c.Id + '"%'
WHERE c.Id is null
select * from dbo.Deployment d LEFT JOIN dbo.Release r ON d.ReleaseId = r.Id
select * from dbo.Deployment d cross apply (
select top 1 c.Id as ChannelId from project p inner join channel c on p.Id = c.projectId
where p.Id = d.ProjectId
vanessalove / retentionpolicydeletefiles.ps1
Created September 1, 2015 03:38
Script to delete 2.6 deployed files after a 3.0 upgrade
$applicationDirectoryPath = $OctopusParameters["Octopus.Tentacle.Agent.ApplicationDirectoryPath"]
$deploymentJournalPath = Get-ChildItem -Path "$applicationDirectoryPath\.Tentacle" -Filter "DeploymentJournal.xml" -Recurse
if($deploymentJournalPath) {
[xml]$deploymentJournal = Get-Content $deploymentJournalPath.FullName
$deploymentJournal.Deployments.Deployment | % {
if(Test-Path $_.ExtractedTo) {
Write-Host "$($_.ExtractedTo) will be removed"
Remove-Item -Path $_.ExtractedTo -Recurse -Force -Verbose
} else {
Write-Host "$($_.ExctractedTo) has already been removed"

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With a career in technology spanning 20 years, Vanessa is a Principal of Automation and Tools at BHP. From Developer to SysOps, through to Support and DevOps Wrangler, her journey has been transformational. While giving a conference talk to 500+ attendees, Vanessa’s Jimmy Choo stilettos went through a gap in the stage and she nearly fell. This is just one of the lessons learnt while speaking as a woman over the last 5 years. Her current ambition is to encourage more women into the speaker circuit by causing shenanigans at a local developer conference and running free workshops for women in STEM in Brisbane. She is just an introverted nerd like you, covered in dog hair, but now in lower heels.

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