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Last active Oct 7, 2015
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How Knot DNS Resolved minimizes
## How it deals with bad CDNs
The query is ` A`
1. It's going to ask at `.` to `com. NS` and get a referral
2. it's going to ask `com.` nameserver about ` NS` and get a referral
... see the pattern, it just appends labels, but bear with me
3. We're asking `` nameserver about ` NS` , but he's a prick and tells us 'NXDOMAIN'.
We should think that there is nothing at or below name name, but with some CDNs it's **a lie**.
So we turn off the minimization and requery the full name ` A`, now it's going to either
refer us to final nameserver or give us `NXDOMAIN` again.
If (a), we leaked some information to the parent nameserver, if (b) it was reliable and we wasted an extra query.
In real world it doesn't happen that often since `NS com.` is authoritative for `<1-2 labels>.com` etc., but it happens
with CDNs where you suddenly jump 2 or more labels.
## How does it deal with a truckload of labels (IPv6 PTR records)
Fortunately, since root nameservers give us an authoritative answer to `arpa.`, we turn off minimization afterwards.
Yes, this leaks information to `arpa.`.
Most of the names with many labels don't actually have search path this long (it often jumps several labels per referral), or
end up covered by a wildcard. In any way, you need to follow the referral chain anyway even if you don't minimize.
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