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let context = LAContext()
context.localizedCancelTitle = "Enter App's Passcode"
// First check if we have the needed hardware support.
var error: NSError?
if context.canEvaluatePolicy(.deviceOwnerAuthentication, error: &error) {
let reason = "Access secure data"
context.evaluatePolicy(.deviceOwnerAuthentication, localizedReason: reason ) { suc-
cess, error in
if success {
// The user passed Touch ID / Face ID Verification
// Grant him access to the secure data
} else {
print(error?.localizedDescription ?? "Failed to authenticate")
// The user failed Touch ID / Face ID Verification
// Fallback to: ask for passcode.
} else {
print(error?.localizedDescription ?? "Can't evaluate policy")
// Touch ID / Face ID not enrolled or no hardware support
// Fallback to: ask for passcode.
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