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provider "aws" {
region = "eu-central-1"
#Creates the SSH Key-Pair that will be used to create Instances. Create a ssh-key pair on your laptop and store it on the local
#Folder, the resource below will use it to create the ec2 instance.
resource "aws_key_pair" "setup_key" {
key_name = "lab-keys"
public_key = "${file("./")}"
#Create the VPC and the Base Networking Stack
module "network-stack" {
#configuration parameters
source = "../../modules/network-stack"
vpc_cidr = ""
vpc_name = "netoops-lab"
subnet-public-a = ""
subnet-public-b = ""
subnet-private-a = ""
subnet-private-b = ""
module "vpn-instance" {
#configuration parameters
source = "../../modules/vpn-instance"
instance_name = "vpn01a"
#ami can be obtained on AWS MarkePlace, we are using CentOS7.
ami_name = "ami-337be65c"
type = "c3.large"
#These Values come from the Module network-stack, when defining Output Variables.
subnet_id = "${}"
sg_id = "${}"
key_name = "${aws_key_pair.setup_key.key_name}"
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