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' uncomment the following line and comment the first to use locally
' !include C4_Context.puml
title System Context diagram for a Blogging Website
Person(visitor, "Blog Visitor", "A software architect visiting the blog site")
System(blogging_system, "CMS System", "Allows visitors to view the published blogs as per their area of interests.")
System_Ext(newsletter_system, "Newsletter", "The system managing generation of a newsletter on need basis.")
System_Ext(webhost, "Web Hosting System", "Hosts and stores all the assets related to blogs")
Rel(visitor, blogging_system, "Uses")
Rel_Back(visitor, newsletter_system, "Sends e-mails to")
Rel_Neighbor(blogging_system, newsletter_system, "Generates emails")
Rel(blogging_system, webhost, "Uses")
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