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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Chunking Array Serializer/Deserializer in Scala
// We want a generic way to chunk large arrays into segments of byte arrays
// and to do so in a way that doesn't blow up memory for large objects, ie ability to chunk / page / stream
trait ChunkingArraySerDe[T] {
def apply(data: Array[T], chunkSize: Int): Iterator[Array[Byte]]
def unapply(serialized: Iterator[Array[Byte]]): Array[T]
// For arrays with fixed-size elements
trait PrimitiveChunkingSerDe[@specialized(Int, Long, Boolean) T] extends ChunkingArraySerDe[T] {
def elementSize: Int
def serializeChunk(dataSlice: Array[T]): Array[Byte]
def apply(data: Array[T], chunkSize: Int): Iterator[Array[Byte]] = {
val elementsPerChunk = chunkSize / elementSize
// Example implementation for Array[Int]
object IntArrayChunkingSerDe extends PrimitiveChunkingSerDe[Int] {
val elementSize = 4
def serializeChunk(dataSlice: Array[Int]): Array[Byte] = {
val bb = java.nio.ByteBuffer.allocate(dataSlice.length * 4)
// Example of using it:
for (chunk <- IntArrayChunkingSerDe(myIntArray)) { // write chunk to your favorite device? }

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@ivmaykov ivmaykov commented Feb 13, 2014

should be dataSlice.length * elementSize on line 26.

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