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Last active Jan 30, 2017

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Ruby on Rails - apprentice position


I'm @vemv and I've been a Rails freelancer for 3.5 years now, working with many hot startups in Barcelona and Madrid.

My love for programming started with the Clojure language 5 years ago. I've had the luck to work with it in 2016, and also to find a new Clojure job starting February 2017.

I'm specialized in remote work, technical coordination of small teams, devops, and solving hard business problems in an elegant way.


Sometimes I collaborate with partners free-of-charge. I view it as a form of investing (and also simply helping out people who need it - with relatively low effort from my side).

The most recent of those projects is progressing nicely. As mentioned though, I'm starting an important job in February and I won't be able to contribute as much.

So we thought of hiring an intern, in an attractive way to the apprentice.

The project

This startup (events/culinary sector) has been around for a couple years, with an interesting growth and an excellent founder. Since the codebase was poor / overly complex, I decided to rewrite the thing from scratch. I am able to implement a couple features a day, given my toolchain and experience.


  • Rails 5 (Gemfile)
  • haml + sass for frontend. As little JS as possible.
  • RailsAdmin so we don't waste time in CRUD.
  • ActionMailer, ActiveJob
  • Good testing practices and decent coverage
  • We'll deploy to Google Cloud Platform with Packer for image creation. In the past I've used AWS (lots), but it's buggy/expensive. You can learn some devops if you're curious.

Perks / conditions

  • Actual internship contract. We legit.
  • Your own fixed desk at Cloud Coworking, next to me.
  • Your learning will be prioritized above anything else.
  • No deadlines.
  • Work in the evenings, 3 h/day
  • 13" Macbook Air if needed.
  • Cool SaaS stack: github, codeship, slack, rollbar, happyapps.
  • At least 1-2 months stay expected. Later stay/leave whenever you want, with my full advice for getting awesome jobs out there.
  • No monetary compensation for now. We'll change that asap though.
  • A chance to get involved in even more projects (from other partners, likely paid) if you'd like.
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