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dupe for Admin Upload Utility : 4238 and 7144 and 6988 and 4228 and 7092
dupe for Avatar Generator : 5006 and 6516
dupe for Azerbaijani Language Pack : 6790 and 7760
dupe for Blank Page Template : 1945 and 3562
dupe for Disable Registration : 3270 and 6147
dupe for Easy Online/Offline When Viewing Topic : 5464 and 5464
dupe for Gender Hack : 182 and 7692
dupe for Guestbook : 4597 and 7587
dupe for External Forum Redirect : 1810 and 1810
dupe for Photo Album Add-on : 1603 and 1719 and 1319 and 2356 and 1155 and 1352
dupe for PM Quick Reply : 1196 and 1206
dupe for Rules Page : 3774 and 6859
dupe for User Last Active : 7541 and 7663
976:/me and /you Filter debugger eval code:1:48
774:/me irc hack debugger eval code:1:48
614:A picture to illustrate each one of your forums debugger eval code:1:48
8849:A Totalizator (Betting with Points) debugger eval code:1:48
483:Account Activation Overview debugger eval code:1:48
922:Account Switch debugger eval code:1:48
3692:Activate/Deactivate Changing of E-Mail and Password debugger eval code:1:48
3706:Active Link Referrer Blocker debugger eval code:1:48
3081:Active Users Block (IM Portal) debugger eval code:1:48
7122:Add a Link to Your cPanel
1366:Add a New Field to Posting debugger eval code:1:48
6040:Add ACP Links debugger eval code:1:48
5562:Add City/Country Name to Time Zone debugger eval code:1:48
558:Add CSS Effects to Ranks debugger eval code:1:48
2742:Add Database Administration Link debugger eval code:1:48
7608:Add Forum Jump Box to User Control Panel debugger eval code:1:48
1456:Add Jumpbox to Posts debugger eval code:1:48
1682:Add Last User Visit Date to Memberlist debugger eval code:1:48
6602:Add Name and Address to Profile (Not Publicly Viewable) debugger eval code:1:48
3073:Add New Field to Music Online Hack
7664:Add PHP and MySQL Version to ACP Index debugger eval code:1:48
3455:Add Rank Image to Profile and Switch Order of Them in View Topic debugger eval code:1:48
1519:Add Site Index to Admin Navigation debugger eval code:1:48
1737:Add Topic Types debugger eval code:1:48
7629:Add XING to Profile debugger eval code:1:48
794:Additional Text Colors debugger eval code:1:48
1851:Admin Add Users debugger eval code:1:48
1427:Admin Auto Delete Users debugger eval code:1:48
6208:Admin Delete User with All Postings debugger eval code:1:48
704:Admin Email List
4430:Admin Forum Permissions debugger eval code:1:48
5314:Admin Link in Header debugger eval code:1:48
3403:Admin Links debugger eval code:1:48
4422:Admin Mass E-Mail Various Groups of Users debugger eval code:1:48
4169:Admin News Link on Page Footer debugger eval code:1:48
5363:Admin Notepad debugger eval code:1:48
521:Admin Overall Forums Permission debugger eval code:1:48
3465:Admin Panel E-Mail Lookup debugger eval code:1:48
1584:Admin phpinfo debugger eval code:1:48
200:Admin Private Messages Manager
3164:Admin Registration Notify debugger eval code:1:48
6822:Admin Session Logout debugger eval code:1:48
5678:Admin Smilies Display debugger eval code:1:48
5473:Admin Style Who's Online on Index debugger eval code:1:48
1813:Admin Upload Utility debugger eval code:1:48
4238:Admin Upload Utility: Gallery Avatars Module debugger eval code:1:48
7144:Admin Upload Utility: phpBB easyCMS Chapter Icons Module debugger eval code:1:48
6988:Admin Upload Utility: Ranks Module debugger eval code:1:48
4228:Admin Upload Utility: Smilies Module debugger eval code:1:48
7092:Admin Upload Utility: Template Images Module
2901:Admin User Register debugger eval code:1:48
526:Admin Users List Hack debugger eval code:1:48
608:Admin Voting debugger eval code:1:48
1279:Advance HTML debugger eval code:1:48
4405:Advanced ACP debugger eval code:1:48
1059:Advanced BBCode Box debugger eval code:1:48
6146:Advanced Board Disable debugger eval code:1:48
2900:Advanced Countdown debugger eval code:1:48
3237:Advanced Karma Hack debugger eval code:1:48
4374:Advanced Poll Icon
3643:Advanced Report Hack debugger eval code:1:48
1700:Advanced Signature Character Count Hack debugger eval code:1:48
4902:Advanced Site Map Hack debugger eval code:1:48
3561:Advanced Topic Types debugger eval code:1:48
7751:Advanced Users Viewing Forum debugger eval code:1:48
3114:Advanced Welcome on Index debugger eval code:1:48
6340:Adverts as Posts debugger eval code:1:48
6854:Affilliates Link Box debugger eval code:1:48
1259:AIM Online Status in View Topic debugger eval code:1:48
5318:Album Stats (IM Portal)
7898:AlbumCatViewer (Photo Album Add-on)
7899:AlbumSlide (Photo Album Add-on)
1733:Alert Before Guest Post
6876:Alert Box Hack
7770:Alert Box PM Notification
4588:Alert on Empty Guest Username
7607:Alexa Hack
8628:Align Images (Left/Right)
1441:All Smilies in iframe
5752:All Topics You Are Watching
5556:Allow Author Wild Card Search
4897:Allow BBCode and Smilies in Forum Description
7256:Allow E-Mail Hack
553:Allow Guest Voting
3259:Allow Guest Voting on ezPortal
3175:Allow Junior Admins to Change Site Description
3975:Allow Users of All Ages
6630:Altered Poll Results Display for Show Poll Results (ezPortal)
5183:Alternating Replies
3408:Alternative Description Language
4930:Always on Top Flashing Guest Popup
1299:Always Show Edited by Messages
5446:Amazon Link Hack Associates Tool aStore Links Page Product Rotator Search Hack Hack Block (IM Portal)
6028:America's Army Server Status (IM Portal)
3646:Announcement Background Color
3647:Announcement Background Color for Categories Hierarchy
6030:Announcement Block (ezPortal)
1131:Announcement Suite
5364:Anonymous Forums
6875:Anonymous Post Hack
7491:AnonymZ.Com Hack
6697:Anti Bot Question Hack
6946:Anti Robotic Login Flood
560:Anti Robotic Registration Flood
6864:Anti-Spam ACP
3312:Arcade / Activity / Games Hack
7766:Archive Hack
4744:Army Language Pack
2354:Article and Comment Count in Profile (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
7118:Article Icon Manager (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
1237:Article Manager
2064:Article Sort Order (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
2208:Articles Anywhere (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
8800:Assign Posts From One User to Another
6198:Attribution on Topic
4627:Author Name Under Topic Title
3157:Author Reply
939:Auto Activate Main Admin Account
2203:Auto Group
4092:Auto Lock Hack
4611:Auto Refresh Forum
1156:Auto Refresh Who is Online List
355:Auto Un-ban Main Admin
2032:Automatic Logged on Checked by Default
5649:Automatic Template Switcher
5904:Available Characters in Signature
5905:Available Characters in Title
3159:Avatar Approve
3306:Avatar Database Storage and Resize
786:Avatar Gallery Hack
554:Avatar Gallery Outside phpBB
3162:Avatar Gallery Page Numbers
5006:Avatar Generator
6516:Avatar Generator
1714:Avatar in Memberlist
6813:Avatar in PM Inbox/Sent Box/Outbox/Savebox
7051:Avatar of Last Poster on Index and View Forum
5488:Avatar on ezPortal
3955:Avatar on Index
5622:Avatar on Register
867:Avatar Select on Register
5330:Avatar Suite for phpBB Integration
6796:Avatars Named After Username
5017:Average Posts Per Thread on Index
3479:Average Posts Per User
7802:Average User Posts
6790:Azerbaijani Language Pack
7760:Azerbaijani Language Pack
7671:Back to Top
7794:Background Image in Message Box
2355:Background Sound for phpBB
5620:Backup and Protection
5222:Backup Suite for phpBB
1061:Ban List
6726:Ban Reasons
938:Bank Hack (Point System Add on)
6797:Banner Code Creator
1184:Banner Exchange
6683:Basic Shop Hack
7823:Basic Shop Hack Item List on viewtopic.php
5166:Basketball Game
8134:Battlefield 2 Stats on Profile
8161:Battlefield 2142 Stats Hack
1117:BB Usage Statistics
8256:bbAntiSpam Textual Confirmation
8382:bbAntiSpam Textual Confirmation on Profile Control Panel
7921:BBCode and Smilie Insertion at Caret Position
232:BBCode Blur
4580:BBCode Buttons in Advanced Quick Reply Hack
2173:BBCode Buttons Organizer
262:BBCode Center
5619:BBCode Edit
1034:BBCode equote
239:BBCode Fade
231:BBCode Flip
2239:BBCode Font Tag
6958:BBCode in Forum Description
517:BBCode Line-Through
4714:BBCode on Vote Options
2921:BBCode Scroll
230:BBCode Scroll/Marquee
444:BBCode Strike
3522:BBCode Strikethrough
258:BBCode Target
238:BBCode Updown
4550:Best Arcade / Activity Hack Player Block (ezPortal)
4528:Best Arcade / Activity Hack Player with Wins Block (IM Portal)
707:Best Member Hack
6671:Bible BBCode Button
2095:Bible Verse Tags
3444:Big Threads in One Page
187:Birthday Hack
4958:Birthday Hack on ezPortal
3007:Birthday Private Message Hack
3939:Birthday Zodiac for Profile Control Panel
2042:Birthdays on Calendar
1897:Birthdays on Calendar Hack
4052:Bizzar.SSI (Including Forums on Webpages)
1972:Blank Admin Page
1188:Blank FAQ Like Page
1945:Blank Page Template
3562:Blank Page Template
3810:Blinking Announcement in a Yellow Table
3182:Block Bad Bots
4878:Block DNSBL Blacklisted Registrants
2961:Block Open Proxy Registrants
7979:Block Registrations From GMT -12
5384:Block Visitors from Specific Sites
4403:Blog in Profile and View Topic
2838:Blogger Comments Hack
4167:Bloody Snow for phpBB
6573:BoardTracker Search Hack
6145:BoardTracker Topic Tags Hack
3022:Bookmakers (Betting with Points)
4651:Border BBCode
767:Bosnia and Herzegovina Language Packs
7647:Brazil State Flag Add-on
5153:Browser Text Hack
909:Buddy List
5136:Bulgarian Language Pack for the Full Album Pack
6314:Buy You Beer Hack
4759:Cache phpBB Version in Admin Control Panel
7603:Cache Posts System
877:CafePress Hack
1922:Can Display Signature Addition in ACP
2301:Capitalization Hack
6495:Capitalize Confirmation Code
8905:Capitalize Realname
7740:Capitalize Username
4053:Caps Lock Warning
2967:Car Link in View Topic
3737:Car Photo (Seperate Car Profile Add-on)
220:Cards Hack
4347:Casino Hack
565:Categories & Forums icons
978:Categories Hierarchy (Sub Forums)
4653:Categories Hierarchy and Cards Hack Both Installed
2217:Censor ASCIIize
6328:Censor Block
1479:Censoring Turned Off For Administrators and Moderators
2302:ChanceAce Card Game
3582:Change Color Search through Admin Panel
3937:Change E-Mail Sender
5050:Change Forum Logo (and Link) Through Admin Panel
6658:Change Occupation to MySpace Name
5912:Change phpBB Version using ACP
5361:Change PM Default
7170:Change Reply Notification Default
585:Change Style on Index
5362:Change Subscription Default
3097:Change User Hack
3521:Changelog Hack
3445:Characters Left Count (Add-on for Min/Max Post Message Length)
510:Chat Box
3601:Clean Index
1305:Click Hack
8234:Clock Block (IM Portal)
8909:Clock to Replace View Online Icon
975:Close Topic After X Posts
5628:Collapsable FAQ
7257:Collapsed Categories by Default
145:Color Font Bar
5355:Color Groups
3929:Color on Poll Results
3567:Color Poll
8226:Colorize Forum Description
3232:Colorize Forum Title
5743:Colorize User Ranks
4091:Common Replies (Canned Messages)
1515:Complete Back-up
1254:Complete Banner Hack
5165:Complete Header Hack
4478:Config Secure
3539:config.php Protect
583:Configurable Online Tracking Time
822:Configurable Smilie Table
3492:Configuration Map
2284:Configure Member Profile Required Fields
5744:Confirmation Topic
1274:Contact List
5214:Control Guests via ACP
1763:Convert Topics to Articles (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
795:Copy Post to Clipboard
1504:Copy Users
5075:Count Characters Left for Signature
7100:Count My Smilies
3881:Country and State Flags for the Profile Control Panel
3538:Country Flags
4359:CrackerTracker Professional G5
5234:Create New Ranks from User Editor
2891:Current Activities Bar
6888:Current Time
1437:Custom FAQs Page Links
3186:Custom iframe Block (ezPortal)
3758:Custom Input Boxes
506:Custom Joined Date Format
1253:Custom Mass E-Mail
879:Custom Mass PM
2873:Custom Page Tail Message
1881:Custom Post Color Hack
6664:Custom Profile Fields
2121:Custom Profiles Hack
6220:Custom Registration E-Mail
236:Custom Registration Form
3185:Custom Scrolling Block (ezPortal)
6624:Custom Title for Quote Boxes
1178:Custom Title Hack
427:Custom User Rank
872:Custom Username Color
1521:Customizable Admin and Moderator Colors
5196:Customizable Quick Reply
1002:Daily Flash Game on ezPortal
1944:Danish Language Pack for paFileDB Integration
3300:Database Backup Tool
1895:Database Layer Documentation
5670:Date the Last User Registered
476:Dates for Humans
7882:DB Backup Exclude Tables
4372:DB Maintenance
1581:db_update Generator
5461:Dead Link Checker
4490:Default Avatar
6431:Default Page Title
7619:Default Signature Hack
1967:Default Subject on Reply
2153:Default Text Color Fix
793:Delete All Smilies at Once in ACP
4404:Delete All User Posts
5908:Delete Extra Exclamation Points and Question Marks in Messages
5909:Delete Extra Exclamation Points and Question Marks in Titles
5745:Delete Multiple Posts
3634:Delete, Move, Split and Lock Buttons to Text Hack
4497:Deter Comment Spam
2959:Deter Spam Websites
8339:deviantART Profile Hack
3767:DHTML Collapsible FAQ Hack
6756:DHTML Login Box
3770:DHTML Slide Menu for ACP
4366:Dice BBCode
5781:Did You Know BBCode
2033:Did You Know?
7272:Different ACP Password
1906:Different Icons for Different forums
8074:Digg Any Post Hack
7246:Digg, Slashdot and Links on Topics
2260:Digital Countdown Clock
5313:Direct Image Link
977:Direct Profile Link from Viewtopic
183:Direct User Profile Link
2308:Dirty Card Hack (Cards Hack Add-on)
5779:Disable Direct Linking
4346:Disable Image BBCode
2268:Disable Message
5472:Disable Notification of Addition to Hidden Group
5157:Disable phpBB Call Home
3685:Disable Posting By User
5898:Disable Profile Hack
1727:Disable Profiles
3270:Disable Registration
6147:Disable Registration
4458:Disable Registration Link
7154:Disable Search for Guests
6894:Disable Search Indexing
1186:Disable the Sending of E-Mails
5471:Disable Topic Watching
457:Disable User IP Storing
7668:Disable Version Check
6568:Disable Website and Signature on Registration
3971:Disable Word Censor for Individual Forums
5169:Disallow Admins from Specific Forums
1403:Disallow Editing/Deleting of Administrator Posts
4460:Disallow Multiple Replies to the Same Topic
3302:Disallow or Allow Name Changing Individually
5242:Disallow Password Same as Username
6307:Disallow Signatures and Avatars via ACP
7805:Disallow Special Characters in Subject
7656:Disallow Specific HTML
857:Disallow Specified HTML Tags
1285:Disallow/Allow Signatures and Avatars
5616:Display All Pictures Posted By... (Photo Album Add-on)
1832:Display Edit Percent Hack
3691:Display First Message on Topic Title Hover
3651:Display Forum Descriptions in View Forum
7685:Display Inactive Members on Index Page
8319:Display Newest Members First
3128:Display Number of Male and Female Members on ezPortal
5094:Display Number of Private Messages
1548:Display Poster Information Once
5190:Display the Number of Online Users on Any Page
3658:Display Total Replies and Views in View Topic
7650:Display User's Template Next to Posts in viewtopic.php
8322:DM Music Charts
7974:DM Simple Admin Message
8321:DM Weekly Video
6052:Do Not Bump
3660:Donation Hack with PayPal IPN
6148:Donation Management
2206:Double Post Merge
7113:Download Cost Hack (paFileDB Integration)
3315:Download Song (Music Online Hack)
3233:Download Topic or Post
4584:Drag Racing Timeslip Database
3210:Drop Down Moderators
2730:Drop Shadow BBCode
5225:Dutch Language Pack for Announcement Suite
5542:Dutch Language Pack for BBCode Box
5502:Dutch Language Pack for Dead Link Checker
1950:Dutch Language Pack for Links Hack
4453:Dutch Language Pack for Links Page
2790:Dutch Language Pack for Photo Album Add-on
3179:Dutch Language Pack for phpBB Auction
5239:Dutch Language Pack for Split Topic Type
6168:Dynamic Sig
6124:Dynamic Signature
5907:E-Mail Addresses with Umlauts
4539:E-Mail Admin Timezone Synchronizer
3137:E-Mail Confirmation
7574:E-Mail Digests
4442:E-Mail Header Remover
7162:E-Mail Notify on User Ban
979:E-Mail Notify on User Delete
5359:E-Mail on Errors
3880:E-Mail Style Quoting
3326:E-Mail Submission/mailto: Block (ezPortal)
936:E-Mail Topic to Friend
6497:E-Mail User Hack
6587:Easy Announcements
6391:Easy BotStopper
3096:Easy Contact Form
6892:Easy Events
6216:Easy Forum Topics Subscriber
5464:Easy Online/Offline When Viewing Topic
5464:Easy Online/Offline When Viewing Topic
7842:Easy Resize Posted Images
4625:Easy Scrolling Message
5288:Easy Scrolling News Bar
5990:Easy Sub Forums
1113:Easy Translation
2298:EasySite Add-ons (Add Pages and Add Blocks)
7900:eBay Auction Search Integration
5814:eBay Profile Button
7234:Edit Attachments
1260:Edit Meta Tags via ACP
3046:Edit Photo Album Add-on Category Order (Descending or Ascending)
883:Edit Post Date
7522:Edit Profile Link
7294:Edit Reason
5984:Edit Store
263:Edit User Posts via Admin Panel
7956:Editable Registration Date
6846:Effects Store (Shop Hack 3 Add-on)
1107:Embedded URL's
5350:Enable Avatars by Post Count
4572:Encrypt Your config.php (No More Clear Text Password)
8378:Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Hack
1006:English Language Pack for Links Hack
1498:English to Immature AOLer Posting Filter
268:Enhanced Admin User Lookup
7884:Enhanced Group List
278:Enhanced IP Logger
449:Enhanced IP Logger (DB Based)
3786:Enhanced ModPanel
1371:Enhanced Polls (Hide Poll Results)
1826:Error Redirect
1675:Estonian Language Pack for Links Hack
1898:Event Lists for Calendar Hack
1899:Events on ezPortal
6795:Export E-Mails
3448:Extend Rank Color
7905:Extended Character Buttons
6345:Extended Edit Message
5420:Extended Global Moderator Hack
3286:Extended ICQ Info
2214:Extended Private Message Notification
860:Extended Quote Tag
746:Extended Rank Fields Hack
3163:Extended Ranks System
5656:Extended Template (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
1810:External Forum Redirect
6071:External Links
6032:Extra Block (ezPortal)
3219:Extra FAQ Sections
1855:Extra Forum Permissions
6031:Extra Info Block (ezPortal)
2046:Extra Permission Hack
1657:eXtreme Styles Hack
4747:ezBlog (ezPortal)
7626:ezChat Shoutbox (ezPortal)
6547:ezPortal Admin
6605:ezPortal Announcement Thumb from Photo Album Add-on
5971:ezPortal as Index
6390:ezPortal Forum Block Add-on
3198:ezPortal Navigation
2296:ezPortal Portal Index on ACP Index
3998:ezPortal Top 5 Points Block
8263:Facebook on Profile Hack
1099:Fading Buttons
2295:Fantasy Sports Hack
119:Fast and Furious Hack
5162:Fast Move
5159:Fast Profile Change Hack
6161:Favorite Team in View Topic
2776:Favorite Team Logo
753:Favorite Team on Post Hack
751:Favorite Team on Profile Hack
6921:Featured Topics
8251:Featured Topics Block (IM Portal)
1169:Feedback Hack
1036:FI NewsBar
1844:FI NewsFader
251:File Attachment Hack
4118:File Attachment Hack Control Panel Link in Footer
593:File Attachment Hack Debug Mode Add-on
594:File Attachment Hack View Attachments Add-on
5479:FileAnchor Upload Hack
2323:Filter Usergroups
6949:Firefox Auto Complete Bypass
3621:Fix Caret Bug
6819:Fix Hidden Topics
3515:Fix Session Error
5435:Flash Banner
2052:Flash Clock
4500:Flash IRC Chat Hack
2070:Flash Sound on New PM
2045:Flashing GIF for New PMs
1013:Floating Bubbles on Index Page
4206:Floating Layer PM Alert
3823:Floating Menu for Google
8166:Follow Me Pop Out Side Navigation Bar with Icons
3631:Font Color Bar
761:Font Face BBCode
869:Footer Banner
4725:Footer Tweak Hack
5903:Force Blank Space in a Message of 50 Characters or More
3049:Force E-Mail Update
2183:Force Word Wrapping
458:Form Field Focus
6214:Form to Post/Poll/PM/E-Mail
7623:Format Total Variables
7693:Forum Age Requirement (Birthdays Add-on)
1876:Forum as Homepage
8917:Forum Background
5504:Forum Description in View Forum
3884:Forum Enter Post Limit
2285:Forum Icon with ACP Control
3423:Forum Icons (Read/Unread) for index.php
620:Forum Image
3857:Forum Information Hack
3776:Forum Lock
2232:Forum Logo Selector
7159:Forum Names Under Topic Titles in Search Results
5015:Forum News
293:Forum Notification
782:Forum Registrations in the Last X Hours
747:Forum Rules
940:Forum Server Load Hack
5746:Forum Startup Page
1482:Forum Tagline Hack
2325:Forum Title as Web Link
3674:Forum Title Dependent on Language
5374:Forum Title Depends on Language
2324:Forum Tour
5658:Forums in Alphabetical Order
6283:Four Column Profile Page
3493:Foxy IRC Chat
827:FrEaK 'n l33t Posting Effect
3533:Free Ticket Item Hack
6839:French Language Pack for Censor Block
1009:French Language Pack for Links Hack
3138:French Language Pack for Photo Album Add-on
8171:FreshTopics Hack
5028:Full Album Pack
2944:Full Car Profile
249:Full Pagination in View Topic
1585:Fully Customizable Username Colors
1255:Fully Integrated Shoutbox
4891:Fully Integrated Shoutbox and Color Groups Integration
8233:Fully Integrated Shoutbox Block (IM Portal)
3202:Funny Pic of the Day from FunPic on ezPortal
5390:Gamespact Blogs
757:Geektools IP Whois
5310:Gender and Age in View Online Box
182:Gender Hack
7692:Gender Hack
5122:Gender Usergroup at Registration
5846:GEO Map (Find Users by German Zip Code)
6960:German Language Pack for Censor Block
2065:German Language Pack for Links Hack
5103:German Language Pack for Music Online Hack
1320:Get Last X Hours Posts
3633:Give Main Administrator Authority Back
2281:Global Admin Template
345:Global Announcement Hack
3385:Global Announcement Hack and Username Color Integration
2146:Global Moderator Hack
4715:Global Topics
551:Glowing Rank
4950:Go Back Link on Errors
5383:Go Back to Quoted Message
2028:Go to MSN Messenger
7944:Google AdSense as Second Post
3115:Google AdSense Block (ezPortal)
4817:Google Bot Detector
4428:Google PageRank Display in Footer
6493:Google Search Add-on (Advanced BBCode Box)
2157:Google Search BBCode
6952:Google Search Box (ezPortal)
7641:Google Talk Button
6473:Google Thread Title
3127:Google Translator on Topics
7067:Google Video and YouTube BBCode (Advanced BBCode Box)
1864:Google Visit Counter
7893:Google Web and Image Search BBCode
1634:Goto Specific Page
5503:Group Member Count
1289:Group Moderators
5156:Group Overview
856:Group Rank Hack
8390:GSC Messenger Hack
8223:Guest Message Hack
2047:Guest Permission
603:Guest Pop Up
700:Guest Register Pop Up
3266:Guest Registration Request Table
4601:Guest Select Language Block (IM Portal)
3599:Guest Vote Hack
4499:Guests Less Anonymous
7461:Guests See Only First Post
6138:Guests See Part of the Message
5470:Guild Add-on (World of Warcraft Characters Hack)
2103:G®ØØVY Filter
5458:H4x0r Language Pack
6295:Hacked Portal
4557:Hacks List Extras
4559:Hacks List Text Field
8649:Hashcash Registration Protection
5929:Header Locked Topics Newsfeed for ezPortal Newsfeed for ezPortal with the CMX News Hack
6821:Hidden Login
870:Hide BBCode
6657:Hide Content by Group ID
7238:Hide Empty Fields in User Profile
7837:Hide Inactive Accounts
1528:Hide Inactive Member
4772:Hide IP From Moderators
4543:Hide Links
7187:Hide Online Status Temporarily on Login
3972:Hide Post Buttons
7831:Hide the Red X
7501:Hide View Topic Buttons
1570:Hide Zero Posters
6142:High Score System (with Monthly) (Arcade / Activity Hack)
5617:Highlight All
491:Highlight Bad Words
4699:Highlight Google Keywords
6898:Highlight Search Text with Background Color
6266:Hit Counter Hack
5625:Home Link
2086:Homestar Text Filter
6584:Horizontal Category
3079:Horizontal Photo Album Add-on Block (IM Portal)
3268:Horoscopes Block (ezPortal)
5941:Host and IP on Index
6387:Hosted Sites/Links Page Signature Hosting Hack
3446:How Many Days Registered
3936:HP/MP/EXP (Poster Level) for Profile Control Panel
1026:HTML Color Table
7334:HTML Fix
492:iBF Style IP Viewing on Topic
713:ICQ Number on Posts
1270:ICQ Online Status in View Topic
8734:Ignore All Signatures
789:Ignore Users
3617:Ignore/Hide Forums
2779:IM Portal
3482:IM Portal Links Block
3075:IM Portal Manual
3693:Image Block
3552:Image Error Hack
8075:Image for Each Forum on Index Page
6100:Image for First Paragraph Letter
4863:Image Resizer for File Attachment Hack
7826:Image Slap Integration
5706:Image Tag for Administrators Only
4626:Image Width and Height BBCode Hack
7006:ImageShack Hack Integration Hack
6996:IMDB Search Hack
3766:iMinimize Modified
7098:Import .txt Smilie Packs
3016:Import Members via CVS File
3470:IMPortal Random Quotes Block
520:Improved BBCode Control
1392:In Reply To
7868:In Window CSS PM Notification
1866:Inactive Users
1478:Include Sender's Name in Private Message Notification
2195:Index Statistics Upgrade Hack
1820:Indicate Number of Pictures in Topic Listings
4488:Individual Ignore Signature and Avatar (Per User Basis)
2129:Instant Login
610:Instant Messenger List
6860:Instant Post Redirect
6733:Integrate Birthdays and Color Groups
8403:Integrate Color Groups and Announcement Suite
8405:Integrate Color Groups and Easy Sub Forums
6034:Integrate Keep Unread Flags With Simple Sub Forums
6883:Integrate Simple Sub Forums with External Forum Redirect
1810:External Forum Redirect
5358:Integrate Topic Description and Split Topic Type
7180:Interests in Memberlist
6667:Inverted Visual Confirmation
3564:Invisible Switch
4207:Invision Power Board 2.0x to phpBB 2.0.x
4592:Invision View Profile
5042:Invitation Only
6612:Invitation Only U2U
5327:Invite on Registration
7877:InWorG Hack
179:IP Logger
5047:IP Lookup
6018:IP on Register
1812:IP Search
7621:IP Search From Admin Index
2228:IP Whois Lookup (MODCP)
2229:IP Whois Tools (ARIN)
254:IPs Only Viewable by Admins
3380:IRC /me Action Hack
613:IRC Chatroom
3191:IRC Webchat
1008:Italian Language Pack for Links Hack
7336:Item Giver
8198:Japanese Language Pack for phpBB Auction
7806:JavaScript Disabled PM Notification
5633:JavaScript Error Blocker
3985:JavaScript IRC Chat
2256:Jobs Hack
3563:Join Open Groups on Registration
7462:Journal or Support Forums
1835:Jump to New Topic
428:Jumpbox View Based on Permissions
742:Keep Main Admin as an Admin
2099:Keep Unread Flags
4701:Keep Unread Flags and Recent Topics (Extended) Integration
6863:Language Configuration
2352:Large Groups Fix
4461:Last 5 Registered Users
7796:Last Pic On Personal Index (Photo Album Add-on)
566:Last Post Topic on Index
5522:Last Post Under Forum Description
2006:Last Topics a User Has...
351:Last Topics Marquee
3925:Last Transaction for Vault Stock Exchange
237:Last Visit Hack
4808:lat2cyr - Latin to Cyrillic Transliterator
1020:Latest Posts/Topics
3090:Latest Topics
2985:LDAP Authentication Hack
289:Left and Right IMG Tags - With quick BBcode
3396:Lexicon Hack
8868:Light Up Forum!
7844:Lightbox (File Attachment Hack)
1322:Limit Message Size
2326:Limit Smilies on Posts
6316:Limited Post Edit Time
6189:Line Numbers in Code BBCode
4416:Link Me Block on ezPortal
942:Link to Chat Box in Menu
7070:Link to Edit User/Auth in ACP
8203:Link to File Manager and phpMyAdmin in Admin Panel
946:Link to in Admin Panel
1873:Link to Profile From Avatar
8918:Link Topic Count to User's Topics
8224:Link Us Hack
7097:Link User Rank Text to Profile
3541:Link Your Logo Back to Your Site
1005:Links Hack
1134:Links Hack Integration for ezPortal
2048:Links Page
2785:Links Page on Index
3824:List All Avatars
2977:List of Admins, Mods and Junior Admins
1546:List Users When Sending a PM
7228:List Visited Date on Memberlist
4969:Live E-Mail Validate
7660:Live Time
5304:LiveJournal Link Instead of Website on View Topic
248:Lock/Unlock in Posting Body
1850:Locked Topics to Bottom of Forum View
3596:Log Me on Automatically Each Visit Checked by Default
5910:Log Out Confirmation
2975:Log Registration IP
6260:Logged In/Out?
2188:Login Box in Overall Footer
2141:Login Box in Overall Header
5586:LoginEncryption Hack
5520:Lots-A-Bots Integration
1198:Lottery Hack
3779:Lottery Hack Win Quota Hack
6937:Lottery PM
6901:Lottery Winner on Index and ezPortal
2880:Lotto Jackpot on Lotto Page
2300:Lucky Dice Hack
1125:Lycos bug when registering
4971:Macedonian Language Pack
1484:Mail() function activation by ACP
3463:Main Admin Security
4423:Make Your phpBB Snowy
7653:MaldivZ Integration
7377:Manage Guest Permissions
5899:Mark All Forums Read Link on New Posts Search
6158:Mass E-Mail Using HTML Editor (TinyMCE)
5351:Mass User Creation from PHP Command Line
1368:Matrix Stlyle Decoder in Status Bar
3017:Max Sessions
5051:Maximum Signature Lines
3343:Meeting Hack
7747:Member For
6844:Member Number in View Topic
2365:Memberlist Find User
984:Memberlist Sortable by Letter
3059:Members Per Memberlist Page
5245:Members Per Page
4610:Meta Tag Creator
777:META Tags
6607:Meta Tags
3828:Meta Tags +
3083:Mini Cal Block (IM Portal)
2137:Minimum and Maximum Post Message Length
1681:Minimum Post Message Length
7030:Minimum Posts Before Voting
7735:Minimum Posts for New Thread
5323:Minimum Posts to Post to the Photo Album Add-on
8186:Minimum Posts to View Certain Pages
8176:Minimum Posts to View Topics
5538:Minimum Size for Uploaded Pictures (Photo Album Add-on)
4049:MLB Logo Pack for Favorite Team Logo
6131:Mobile Online phpBB
6490:Moderate Own Topics Hack
812:Moderation BBCode
203:Moderator Ban Panel
1282:Moderator CP
4449:Moderator Icons to Drop Down Box
4628:Moderator Tags
1905:Moderator User Activation with Control Panel
6287:Moderator's Manual
7746:Moderators List
195:Modified YIM Activator
193:Modify Profile
6107:More Admin Stats
3999:Most Active in Forum in Profile
3416:Most Recently Active Photo Album Add-on Categories on ezPortal
3422:Mouse Trailer
930:Mouseover Blinking Links
7764:Mouseover Hover Links Screenshot
657:Mouseover Hover Topic Started Date
5032:Move Admin Panel Link
2331:Move and Lock Topics in One Step
2053:Move Post and Topic Count
4717:Move Post Instead of Deleting
2091:Move Replies to Articles (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
2926:Move Topics When Locked
5920:Move/Copy User Between Usergroups
6985:Moved Topic Message
6303:MSN Messenger Improvement
2092:Multi Vote Hack
6456:Multi-Forums Lite
3579:Multi-Page Topics, Forums and Searches in One Page
923:Multiple Accounts per Email Address
2172:Multiple BBCode Hack
3305:Multiple Choice Voting
3439:Multiple File Uploads
6029:Multiple Polls (ezPortal)
991:Multiple Ranks with Staff and Online View in Memberlist
4301:Music Category Views (Music Online Hack)
4923:Music Online Dutch Language
3072:Music Online Hack (Media Center)
3221:Music Online Hack Block for ezPortal
4095:Music Online Hack Integration with Cash Hack
6627:Music Page
3199:Music Search (Music Online Hack)
3187:Music Song Image (Music Online Hack)
7824:Music Song Image Edit (Music Online Hack)
3265:Music Statistics Block (Music Online Hack)
3818:My Dashboard Ultra
2124:MyAvatar Hack
3277:myInfo Hack
576:Name, Rank and Avatar in Center
3021:Names under Avatars in Avatar Gallery
5068:Nav Bar
5170:Navigation Bar on Index
7112:Navigation Link Fix
4765:NBA Logo Pack for Favorite Team Logo
4951:New Post E-Mail Notification
655:New Posts/Topics since Last Visit
6918:New Then Unread PMs After Login
7561:New Topic Auto Notify Checked
1627:New User ICQ Notify
5010:New Users Post Warning
4326:Newest 10 Games on IM Portal
8059:Newest Posts First With First Post on Top
1915:Newest User on ezPortal
4527:Newest X Arcade / Activity Hack Games Block (IM Portal)
4459:Newest X Music Online Hack Songs On Index or ezPortal
1130:News Block Hack
7854:News Forums
138:News Section Add-on
811:Next Previous Post Hack
3618:Next/Previous Topic Link Below Posts
3918:NFL and MLB Logos for Profile Control Panel
5243:Nickpages Add-on: Delete Nickpages
2049:No Copying
4411:No Initiating PM Conversations Until a Specific Post Count
2995:No Logged in Registrations
7556:No Mass Mail to Banned Members
3240:No More GMT!
5152:No One Can See Your Files
7609:No Registration With
8026:No Search Flood Limit for Admins and Mods
1838:No Thread Stretch
1256:Notify Email For Private Message Shows Poster Name
7704:Notify for New Pending Article (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
432:Now Playing
4795:Null Vote
219:Number Format Total Posts
1771:Number of Female and Male Members on Index
4741:Occupation in Memberlist
6152:Occupation in Posts
7528:Online Status (Skype Me! Extra Add-on)
5158:Online Status in Signature
3122:Online Virus Scanner for phpBB
4427:Online/Offline Indicator
3174:Only Announcements in ezPortal News
4425:Only Display Users Online
722:OnMouseOver Hack
8020:Oops - Database Down
5478:Open/Close Topic with Post Hack
4590:OpenBB 1.0.0 RC2 to phpBB 2.0.11
8258:openWYSIWYG (IM Portal)
1748:Optimize Database
818:Order Topics Hack
4578:Orkut Profile Hack
1589:Overall Forum Permissions Interactive
1642:Overall Forums Permissions on One Page
1281:Overall Header Without Menu on ezPortal
3086:PafileDB New Downloads Block (IM Portal)
3087:PafileDB Top Downloads Block (IM Portal)
3274:Page Fade Hack
493:Page Generation Time
599:Page Generation Time for Admin Only
606:Page Loading
8209:Partner Hack
580:Passing a String Variable as Template
5785:Password Generator
6285:Password Generator on Profile
1420:Password Protected Forums
1459:Password Protected Topics
4621:Password Protection
5926:Password Security
5054:PayPal Donate Button in Footer
4976:PayPal Donation Block (ezPortal)
3622:PayPal IPN Group Subscription Hack
3623:Paypal IPN Subscription Hack
7408:PayPal Link in Profile
2283:Per User Avatar Settings
1804:Per User Avatar/Sig View Disable
7867:Per User View Count
4964:Permission Switches
6832:Permissions in Forum Management
7697:Permissions List Box
6806:Persian and Latin Date Simultaneity
4570:Persian Language Pack for PaFileDB Integration
3469:Persian Shamsi Date
5440:Personal Forum Greeting
1524:Personal Notes
2177:Personal Site
7068:Personal Topic
1060:Photo Album Add-on
3141:Photo Album Add-on Block
3419:Photo Album Add-on Comments on ezPortal
2747:Photo Album Add-on Image Watermarking
3084:Photo Album Add-on Newest Picture Block (IM Portal)
3035:Photo Album Add-on Sub Categories with ACP
1603:Photo Album Add-on: Display Pictures in Profile and on Posts
1719:Photo Album Add-on: Gallery Links and Information
1319:Photo Album Add-on: Highest Rated Pics
2356:Photo Album Add-on: Next/Previous Fix
1155:Photo Album Add-on: Random or Recent Photo
1352:Photo Album Add-on: Random Pictures
5270:Photo and Signature Displayed on Profile
7937:Photo Visual Confirmation
421:PHP Nuke Compatibility with Dark Blue Template
5426:PHP SlideShow
1400:PHP Syntax Highlighter
181:PHP Syntax Highlighter BBCode
5935:phpAdsNew in phpBB
4547:phpBB 2 Arabic Language Pack
152:phpBB 2 Calendar
965:phpBB 2 Unique Hits Hack
4855:phpBB 2.0.13 Italian Language Pack
5278:phpBB 2.0.16 Italian Language Pack
5376:phpBB 2.0.17 Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack
7102:phpBB 2.0.21 Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack
4859:phpBB 2.0.21 Turkish Language Pack
7056:phpBB 2.0.21 Turkish Language Pack (UTF-8)
7376:phpBB 2.0.22 Arabic Language Pack
7662:phpBB 2.0.22 Brazilian Language Pack
7063:phpBB 2.0.22 Dutch Language Pack
6187:phpBB 2.0.22 Slovakian Language Pack
7375:phpBB 2.0.22 Spanish Language Pack
6842:phpBB 2.0.22 Turkish Language Pack
8389:phpBB 2.0.23 Brazilian Portuguese Language Pack
8498:phpBB 2.x Shoutbox
973:phpBB > phpWebSite Connector
7677:phpBB Against Poverty
4314:phpBB Auction BBCode
2170:phpBB Back Up
4845:phpBB Better Breadcrumbs
4402:phpBB Blog
1262:phpBB CMS
2746:phpBB Configuration Restyle
1541:phpBB Database Cleaning
1139:phpBB Desktop
3143:phpBB Disable Message
5844:phpBB Disable Motivation
3457:phpBB E-Mail Address Transfer to MyMail
1411:phpBB easyCMS
2128:phpBB easyCMS Attachments
7141:phpBB easyCMS Chapter Index
8043:phpBB easyCMS Search Function (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
224:phpBB Favicon
732:phpBB Fetch All
5380:phpBB Google Sitemap Generator
2841:phpBB HTML Archiver Script
150:phpBB HTTP Error Messages
5541:phpBB InfoBar
504:phpBB Language Translation Tool
6172:phpBB Latest Topic Displayer
7173:phpBB Members Webpage
2930:phpBB Menu Manager
7196:phpBB Menu Organizer
1252:phpBB Private Messaging Mark/Unmark All Buttons
3520:phpBB Radio
4417:phpBB Search BBCode
6512:phpBB Search BBCode Add-on (Advanced BBCode Box)
2320:phpBB Search Engine Indexer
8276:phpBB Shoutbox
5648:phpBB TeamSpeak Viewer
5260:phpBB Text Hit Counter
546:phpBB Timeslip Database Profile Link
3815:phpSpell Spell Checker Integration
5106:Picture Next to Forum on Index
2043:PJIRC for phpBB
500:Play a Sound When You Get a New Private Message
2737:Play Asteroids
4669:PM Box Explain
4462:PM Count
7879:PM Count Hack
2084:PM Encryption
3146:PM Export
5261:PM Group
494:PM in Status Bar Hack
3291:PM Navigation
6101:PM Notification Enhancer
4336:PM Notification in CSS Frame
4489:PM Number
1196:PM Quick Reply
1206:PM Quick Reply
3984:PM Replied Image
4534:Points in Header Hack
1351:Polish Language Pack for Links Hack
3269:Poll Overview
1010:Poll Topic Folder Image
4745:Popup BBCode
6861:Port Search
8232:Portal Clock (ezPortal)
281:Portal Extension
3519:Portal Index Link in Admin Panel
5438:Post Associator
5365:Post Body Message Box Background
7665:Post Breakdown
1309:Post Comments on Users
1861:Post Icons
7972:Post IP View by All Moderators
4606:Post Numbers
4291:Post Remover
3619:Post Search in Memberlist
4471:Post Search in View Topic
3156:Post Subject
7195:Post Subject On a New Line
2727:Post with Alt-S in Quick Reply Hack
1699:Postcounts Configuration
8017:Posting Template
1713:Posts Per Day Average on Topics
2093:Poudlard Hack (Questionnaire for Sorting into Groups)
2340:Powerful Banner Exchange
342:Prefix for Topic Titles
1984:Preformatted BBCode
7748:Prevent All Caps Posts
4618:Prevent Any Layout From Being Broken
4735:Prevent Duplicate Posts
1153:Prevent PMs from Being Deleted
6613:Prevent PMs From Being Deleted
1860:Prillian IM Status in Status Bar
1273:Prillian Lite
1004:Printer Friendly Topic
6289:Privacy Policy
5402:Private Message Remover
710:Private Message Throughout Site
8054:Profile Blocks
1477:Profile Control Panel
6817:Profile Items Display Limit (Shop Hack 3 Add-on)
229:Profile Photo Hack
4060:Profile Views
4831:Programmer's BBCode
6149:Protect Install
880:Protect User Accounts
7651:Prune Inactive Members
3659:Prune Overview
531:Prune User Posts
346:Prune Users
3076:Quad Layout (IM Portal)
4472:Quick Jump
3542:Quick Login at the Top
1494:Quick New Topic
3247:Quick Post
4852:Quick Post ES
3886:Quick Register on ezPortal
522:Quick Reply Hack
540:Quick Reply Hack with Quote
4533:Quick Reply Hack with Quote and Actions in One Table
4733:Quick Reply Hack with Quote and BBCode
5565:Quick Reply to Hide or to Show
1094:Quick Search
3121:Quick Time BBCode
1637:Quick Title Edition
3704:QuickTime Hack for IM Portal
3668:Quote (Random or Static)
1947:Quote of the Day Block (ezPortal)
2846:Quote Time
974:Quoting System Alteration
2378:Rabbitoshi (Pet Game)
1430:RadPlay Streaming Hack
5627:Random Arcade / Activity Hack Game on ezPortal
5348:Random Avatars Hack
3152:Random Banner in Footer Hack
2929:Random Banners Hack
6351:Random Dynamic Signature
6889:Random Header Quotes
6209:Random HTML Inserted on Refresh
7311:Random Image (ezPortal)
4067:Random Image Block (ezPortal)
5289:Random Image Wherever You Want
1623:Random Logo for Every Page, Forum or Category
4957:Random New Profile Field on Index
8920:Random or Recent Photo (Photo Album Add-on)
4130:Random Pet Message (Rabbitoshi Add-on)
3644:Random PHP Based Forums Logo
959:Random Picture in Header
431:Random Quote
2130:Random Quote or Image on Index Page
2125:Random Quotes (Database Driven)
7500:Random Smilies Display
3316:Random Song (Music Online Hack)
950:Random Song Hack
3288:Rank Gain Access
2019:Rank Image in Admin Ranks List
1132:Rank Image in Profile Hack
425:Rank in Memberlist
7695:Rank Tags
406:Ranking Hack for phpBB 2
1391:Ranks Summary
210:Rate Topics
3747:Rate User Hack
505:RDF Syndicator
1978:Read Receipt for E-Mails via phpBB
1506:Read Topics Aloud!
3120:Real Media BBCode
2370:Real Name Hack
1466:Real Open Groups
7881:Realistic Stats and Memberlist
434:Rebuild Search Index
1817:Recent easyCMS Articles Block (ezPortal)
1961:Recent Links on ezPortal
4842:Recent Posts on Index
589:Recent Topics
1369:Recent Topics (Extended)
5391:Recent Topics (IM Portal)
7387:Recent WordPress Blog Posts (ezPortal)
6120:Recommend Forum
3821:Recycle Bin Hack
4764:rEd bar (Navigational Links Bar)
550:Redirection Suite
2327:Reduce Admin Navigation
2971:Register Link on Login Page
2066:Register Link on login.php
573:Registration Form on Main Index
2237:Related Topics
3838:Relative Links
468:Remote Avatar Resize
756:Remote Avatar Size Check
5312:Remove Avatars From Guests
7814:Remove COPPA During Registration (I am Under 13/I am Over 13)
2280:Remove E-Mail Requirement
7816:Remove Edit Message
3307:Remove Forum Forum from Index Link
7750:Remove Forum Moderators
5665:Remove Hidden Users
1971:Remove index_body Links
1310:Remove Post Count in viewtopic
1474:Remove Post Counts
5368:Remove Quote Function for Guests
5060:Remove Signatures for Guests
149:Remove Smilies in Code Tags
5788:Remove Table Around Images (File Attachment Hack)
2382:Remove Underline in Links
7763:Remove URL BBCode
5369:Remove Username Link to Profile in Search Results
3060:Remove View Topic and View Forum from Page Title
1709:Replace AM and PM
7371:Replace Over 13 and Under 13 Links with I Agree Link
3158:Replace Posts
5661:Reply Spaminator
1955:Report Post Basic
568:Report Post Hack
4965:Report Posts
4770:Reptile Hack
7741:Require Login
4361:Resend Activation
1948:Reset User Level
8204:Resizable Message Box
4468:Resize Avatars Based on Max Width and Height
3957:Resize Posted Images Based on Max Width
3201:Resize Remote Avatars
1415:Restrict Guest Access
1590:Restrict Images in Posts
1591:Restrict Images in Signatures
1661:Restrict Remote Avatar Images
7172:Restrict to Forum (Related Topics Add-on)
4832:Restrict Username Length
5253:Restricted Group
524:Resync (User) Post Counts
1608:Resync Forum Statistics
664:Retroactive Signature
502:Rollout Categories Hack
3359:Romanian Language Pack for Categories Hierarchy
3362:Romanian Language Pack for Custom Mass E-Mail
3360:Romanian Language Pack for Last Visit Hack
3367:Romanian Language Pack for No Copying
3370:Romanian Language Pack for paFileDB Integration
3856:Romanian Language Pack for Photo Album Add-on
3354:Romanian Language Pack for Post Icons
3357:Romanian Language Pack for Printer Friendly Topic
3358:Romanian Language Pack for Prune User Posts
3355:Romanian Language Pack for Simply Merge
3368:Romanian Language Pack for the Birthday Hack
3369:Romanian Language Pack for the File Attachment Hack
3365:Romanian Language Pack for the Group Rank Hack
3366:Romanian Language Pack for the Links Hack
3346:Romanian Language Pack for the Photo Album Add-on
3345:Romanian Language Pack for Topic Calendar
824:Romanian Language Packs - with diacritics
823:Romanian Language Packs - without diacritics
5776:RPG Tools
4818:RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 Feed for Photo Album Add-on
4454:RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 Feed for phpBB
5842:RSS Feed (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
3165:RSS Feed for phpBB Auction
3177:RSS Feed for PaFileDB Integration
3178:RSS Feed for Photo Album Add-on
5614:RSS Syndication Hack
2112:Rule (or Other) Page
6292:Rules and Policies
1831:Rules Management
3774:Rules Page
6859:Rules Page
5806:Run Stats
749:Russian Language Pack
2321:Russian Language Pack for Birthday Hack
2310:Russian Language Pack for Calendar Hack
2248:Russian Language Pack for Cards Hack
2257:Russian Language Pack for File Attachment Hack
1007:Russian Language Pack for Links Hack
2278:Russian Language Pack for Profile Control Panel
7874:Russian Language Pack for Sudoku
763:Safeurl Hack
4698:Save Admin Userlist Sort Order
3630:Scrollable Code Box
4002:Scrolling Announcements
6716:Scrolling Global Announcement on Index
6507:Scrolling News From RSS Feed
1204:Scrolling Recent Topics with Link
252:Search Author Topic Starter
4723:Search Engine Block (IM Portal)
5057:Search Engine List
2040:Search Engine Optimization
5121:Search Engine Results
429:Search Form in View Forum
2328:Search in User Profiles
1914:Search in View Topic
2216:Search Locked/Unlocked Topics Only
348:Search Posts by Time
2204:Search Subject Only
1979:Search the Web
859:Search Topic Title Only
3279:Search User's Posts from View Topic
5629:Search Within FAQ
6118:Second Profile Page (easyUCP Add-on)
2175:Second Website
3528:Secondary Admin Limits
3527:Secure Login
951:Select and Copy Text Hack
235:Select Default Language
3771:Select/Expand for Quote and Code BBCodes
5392:Send E-Mail Using HTML
2044:Send PM on Registration
1493:Send PM Pop-up
4544:SEO Link Popularity Drain Hack (No Follow)
3826:Separate Announcements and Sticky Topics
6135:Separate Categories on Index
1900:Separate Images for News/Announcements on ezPortal
5014:Separate Polls
882:Serbian Language Pack
1063:Server Response Hack
5931:Session Repair
703:Set Real E-Mail Return Path
8824:SFS Anti-Spam Registration Hack
353:Shadow and Glow Hack
354:Shadow and Glow Hack Add-On
3689:Shared Registration
967:Shop Hack
6908:Shop Hack 3 and Profile Control Panel Integration
5582:Short Quote
8432:Shoutbox on Index Switch
6991:SHOUTcast Hack
3303:Show Category Name in View Forum and View Topic
452:Show ending time on vote
873:Show First Post on Every Page
1683:Show Forum ID
3581:Show Moderator Actions (Move Message Hack)
3686:Show Moderator Actions Add-On: Merge Hack
3645:Show Moderator Actions Overview
4890:Show More Polls Link on Poll Block (ezPortal)
1294:Show Online Buddies on the Index Page
561:Show Online Status In Viewtopic Post
1734:Show Poll Results (ezPortal)
440:Show Ranks in FAQ
1158:Show Running Actions (PS AUX)
7772:Show Sticky Posts on All Pages
221:Show Usergroups
3320:Show Users Online Status in viewtopic.php
6788:Show Yes/No in Header (phpBB InfoBar Add-on)
7449:Show/Hide Avatar via ACP
4758:Side List Hack
764:Sidebar - Login and Quick Register
4377:Sidebar - Login and Quick Register (Dutch)
4319:Sidebar and Search Box on Index
1290:SigmaChat Authentication Script
5481:Signature BBCode Buttons
6078:Signature Divider Image
6897:Signature in Profile
5484:Signature Preview
5163:Similar Topics
1247:Simple (HTML) News Page
5845:Simple Admin E-Mail Form
5401:Simple Admin Userlist
6916:Simple Auto Group
3505:Simple BBCodes
6917:Simple Bin
4541:Simple Content Management System
6317:Simple Firewall (Anti DoS)
4566:Simple Hit Counter That Displays Hits and User IPs in an Image
5998:Simple Info Page
7168:Simple Integration of YouTube and Google Video Videos
5046:Simple IP logger
943:Simple Link Bar
6540:Simple Network Bar
6570:Simple Quick Registration Form
5076:Simple Quick Reply
7856:Simple Recommend
4531:Simple Registration
5232:Simple Scrolling Message
5747:Simply Close or Delete a Poll
1690:Simply Merge
6232:Single Quote Hack Integration
5554:Site Has Been Around For...
6541:Site Links Jumpbox
5206:Site Statistics Block Separates
3578:Site Warning
5630:Sitemap Hack
4663:Skype Me! Button
6896:Skype Me! Extra
3082:Slashdot News Block (IM Portal)
2870:Sliding Navigator
5778:SMAdmin Protection
5997:Small/Simple Links Box
7698:Smart Dates
1229:Smart Linking
1164:Smart Login Redirect
498:Smarter Editor
4724:Smilie Categories Hack
654:Smilie Drop Down Hack
7903:Smilie Hide Hack
7855:Smilie Pagination
2330:Smilie Permissions
7605:Smilie Randomization Hack
3285:Smilie Row Corrector
2329:Smilies Album
3613:Smilies Dropdown Menu
2864:Smilies in Topic Titles
256:Smilies List
2290:Smilies Packager
2144:SMS Contact Form
485:SMS Sender
5803:Snow Falls Reloaded
2037:Snow Flakes Falling
4341:Snow Images
7790:Social Bookmarking Buttons
7363:Social Bookmarking in phpBB
1742:Sort New Posts Since Last Visit by Author, Forum or Post Title
7775:Spaced Categories on Index
6311:Spam Warning
7666:Spammer Sabotaging
3500:Spanish Language Pack for the Birthday Hack
viewhack.php?id=187:Birthday Hack
3501:Spanish Language Pack for the Zodiac (Birthday Hack Add-on)
3276:SpellingCow Spell Checker
3600:SpellingCow Spell Checker on Advanced Quick Reply Hack
3765:Spin the Wheel
3973:Split Polls
1205:Split Topic Type
4620:Spoiler BBCode
424:Spoiler Hack
503:Sponsored Categories Hack
6494:Staff Block (ezPortal)
4080:Staff Hack
437:Staff Site
2350:Staff Site Block (ezPortal)
759:Stand Out Announcements!
7039:Starter Pack (Shop Hack 3 Add-on)
2194:State Flag Add-on
477:Statistics Hack
479:Stats for the Admin
5204:Sticky to Pinned
4908:Stop Bumping
3176:Stop Unauthorized Users from Accessing Your phpBB Folders
1980:Strike Topic Title if Locked
4830:StumbleUpon Profile
552:Style Under Username
4783:Styles Demo
7655:Subject Check
3009:Submit Once
3161:Subscribe Members
945:Sup & Sub BBCodes
4784:Super Quick Reply
2233:Support Announcement
8248:Support Info Hack
5048:Support Ticket Assistant
4773:Swap Logo Effect
8111:Swiss Weather (ezPortal)
4556:Switch Lang
4996:Switch Off Navigation by URL
6789:Switch On/Off in Header (Shop Hack Add-on)
4619:Switch Style From URL
1938:Symantec Security Alerts on ezPortal
8242:sysProfile/ Profiles
3348:System Configuration
3377:Table BBCode
709:Table Widths with Images in Posts
5164:Team Page
2068:Tell a Friend Script (About Your Site, not Specific Topics)
6915:Temp Ban
7117:Template Dependant Article Icons (phpBB easyCMS Add-on)
932:Template Dependent Rank Images
2159:Template Edit
2210:Template Error Fix
4712:Temporary Membership on Usergroups
7765:Terms of Service Page
6288:Terms of Use
3467:Tester Log
601:Text Based Forum Visit Counter
7659:Text Link Underline Remover
6717:Thank/Junk Replay
4697:Thanks Hack
6432:The Humanizer
925:The Time Here is...
3887:Thread Kicker
4573:Tibia Character Search BBCode
4671:Tibia Guild Search BBCode
3871:Tic Tac Toe Hack
2373:Title and Status Bar Scroller
1106:To Do List
1936:Today and Yesterday Hack
1802:Today's Events Hack
924:Toggle Descriptions
6837:Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Language Pack
1973:Tool Border
2890:Top Poster on ezPortal
3077:Top Posters Block (IM Portal)
5976:Top Posters on Index
4344:Top Songs on ezPortal (Music Online Hack)
1238:Top Topics on Index
3701:Top X Activities from Arcade / Activity Hack on phpBB Pages
5655:Topic Calendar (Categories Hierarchy Add-on)
2778:Topic Cement
2140:Topic Colors Hack
2241:Topic Cost
5474:Topic Description Hack
5896:Topic Description Near Topic Title
1225:Topic Display Order
4424:Topic Event Registration
3859:Topic Extraction
2055:Topic Flood Control
855:Topic Link Hack
2788:Topic Lock/Unlock by Thread Starter
4491:Topic Posters
721:Topic Sorting
1393:Topic Start Date in Mod CP
5519:Topic Started Date in View Forum
3231:Topic Title as Web Link
7674:Topic Title to Web URL
2994:Topic Type Color Change
3837:Topics a User Has Started
2057:Topics Anywhere
4847:Torque Converter Slippage Calculator
5089:Total Members
2368:Total Post Count Hack
6217:Tp BT-Tracker Hack
3203:Track Clicks on User's Profile Website (with Top 10)
3222:Traditional Chinese Language Pack for Music Online Hack
3535:Transactions (Cash Hack Add-On)
817:Transactions Point System Add-on
2205:Translate Russian Words in Latin Alphabet to Cyrillic (Translit)
1568:Translate Your Page
6862:Translated Forum and Category Names
968:Turkish Language Pack
7034:Turkish Language Pack for Arcade / Activity / Games Hack
3532:Turkish Language Pack for Birthday Hack
4502:Turn Quick Reply On/Off by Forum
467:Type Quietly
282:UBB 6.x to phpBB 2 Converter
948:Ultra 1337 Filter
8353:Unapproved Photo Album Add-on Pics
2056:Under Construction Posts
4768:Underline Posted Links
2155:Unincrement User Posts
868:Uninstall phpBB
2154:Unique Pages Hack
7828:Upcoming Birthdays (ezPortal)
5177:URL Censor Hack
5360:Usability Tweaks
226:User Administration Link on Profile
6754:User Age in Profile
1801:User Always Browsing
4862:User Avatar in Group CP
2990:User Car List
2332:User Change Index
3250:User Class
5632:User CP Organize
3069:User E-Mail Accounts Through CPanel
7565:User Friendly IMG Input
7000:User Hide Signatures
7541:User Last Active
7663:User Last Active
4875:User Login Box Hack
3155:User Notes
507:User Profile Link in Admin Activation Email
933:User Rank in Private Messages
6452:User Reputation System
4056:User Shops (Shop Hack)
7702:User Stars
5160:User Topic Count
4577:User Unconfirmed Message
8360:User Warnings
8231:User Website Copyright
2074:User Word Count
4496:User's Last Picture in Profile (Photo Album Add-on)
6252:Username and Logout Link on posting.php
6574:Username and Password Fix for Firefox and Netscape Browsers
1796:Username Color
4132:Username in modcp
5233:Username Links Not Underlined
6736:Username or E-Mail Address Login
3089:Username Search
6419:Userpic in Profile
770:Users of the day
574:Users Online in Past Hour
6268:Users Viewing Forum on Index
2107:Users Who Have Visited Today on ezPortal
473:Validate E-Mail
1856:vB Style Quoting
223:vBulletin 2.2.x Converter
6501:vBulletin Style DHTML Menu
508:Vehicle Hack
4585:Vehicle Registry Hack
2766:Verify Users
4399:Version Checker
2762:Version Edit Hack
3080:Vertical Photo Album Add-on Block (IM Portal)
2877:Video BBCode
4548:Video or Music Box on ezPortal
438:Vietnamese Language and Buttons
3144:Vietnamese Language Pack for Music Online Hack
2270:Vietnamese Language Pack for phpBB 2.0.17
2269:Vietnamese Language Pack for the File Attachment Hack
1970:View All Smilies and Quote on Smartor's Quick Reply Hack
5901:View Avatar Gallery
4796:View Category Name
8165:View First and Last Post on Mouseover of Topic Title
1011:View Groups on Profile
6469:View IP in Forum Index
3508:View Posts Since Last Visit Number
4851:View Previous Username
267:View Random Topic
450:View Recent Posts
6820:View Single Post
1963:View Topic Name While Posting Hack
250:View Topic Post Tracking
1827:View Your Own Profile
2962:View Your Own Profile (ezPortal)
4586:VIN Decoder Hack
3085:Visit Counter Block (IM Portal)
3536:Visual Basic Syntax Highlighter BBCode
6944:Visual Confirmation on New Posters
8872:Visual Confirmation on New Posters on Super Quick Reply
5161:Visual Mail
6039:VoipBuster Profile Button
6945:Vote in Locked Polls
3653:w-agora Converter
5812:w3 Validator BBCode
5429:Wacintaki (Oekaki) User Management Integrated with phpBB
2051:Wap Emulator
935:WAP Hack
7827:Was This Post/Topic Helpful?
283:wBB to phpBB 2 Converter
2958:Weather Block (ezPortal)
4977:Weblist Links Only
5527:Weblog Hack Integration (ezPortal)
1432:Website by:
6511:Website Check Hack
1327:Website Name Hack
2316:Welcome and Avatar on phpBB Index
6739:Welcome Guest Message Hack
4119:Welcome on Index
5662:Welcome Panel
3710:Welcome Panel On Index
6054:Welcome PM on First Login (Welcome Private Message Add-on)
2127:Welcome Private Message
3430:What's My IP Address?
5231:What/How Search Engines Find You
518:Who is Active in Which Forum? (Index)
781:Who is Online Logged in Time
7699:Who Posted?
1012:Who Viewed A Topic
1398:Who Viewed My Profile?
955:Who's Online Header Link
3267:Whois IP Address Lookup
5972:Whois Online Colors of Administrators and Moderators
8825:WhoVotedWhat Poll Hack
7309:Wii Number Hack
6440:Wiki (Advanced BBCode Box Add-on)
8940:Wiki URL Fix
7836:Word Cloud Block (ezPortal)
4536:Word Counter
5205:Working Digtal Clock
5445:World of Warcraft Characters Hack
7601:World of Warcraft Guild Recruitment Block (ezPortal)
2981:World Time ([THoR]CMS Add-on)
3912:Wrap Messages
2970:XDCC Search
5611:Xfire Button Hack
4929:Xfire IM Integration
754:XML News Ticker
1469:YaBB SE Converter (Including Full Passwords)
6510:Yahoo! Search Add-on (Advanced BBCode Box)
2920:Yahoo! Search BBCode
6887:Yellow Card Warnings Shown Only to Admins and Mods (Cards Hack)
1263:Yet Another Anti Robotic Register Flood (YAARRF)
1264:YIM Online Status in View Topic
2158:You BBCode
8235:Your Weather Block (IM Portal)
7800:YouTube and Google Video Videos on Music Online Hack
1849:Zodiac (Birthday Hack Add-on)
1880:[code] BBcode Fix for nbsp
3869:åmåzïñg Letter Generator
5448:{USERNAME} in .tpl
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