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Verité Mugabo Makuza veritem

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View cpp_basics.cpp
/// Files handling
int main()
fstream new_file;"new_file.txt", ios::in);
if (!new_file.is_open())
cout << "No such file";
View ESP8266WiFi.cpp
#include <ESP8266WiFi.h>
WiFiClient wifiClient;
void setup(){
WiFi.begin("RCA-WiFi", "rca@2019");
View data.json
"created_at":"May 1 2022",
"by":"Erickson Mackenzie",
View grocery_products_example
"title": "Brown eggs",
"type": "dairy",
"description": "Raw organic brown eggs in a basket",
"price": 28.1,
"bought": false
"title": "Sweet fresh stawberry",
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"id": 1,
"title": "Add tags for solutions",
"category": "Enhancement",
"status": "Suggestion",
"upvotes": 0,
"downvotes": 0,
"description": "Easier to search for solutions based on a specific stack."
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Last active Apr 21, 2021
setup nerd fonts on wsl2

Go a ahead and run in powersheel

   curl.exe -A "MS" | powershell

add the following line into your settings.json

 "profiles": {