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# Links to gists for creating a cluster with jx
# External IP
LB_IP=$(kubectl -n kube-system \
get service jxing-nginx-ingress-controller \
--output jsonpath="{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}")
# The domain through which
# we can access the applications
# The Namespace where Ingress is running
# The name of the NGINX Ingress Deployment
jx install \
--provider $PROVIDER \
--external-ip $LB_IP \
--domain $DOMAIN \
--default-admin-password=admin \
--ingress-namespace $INGRESS_NS \
--ingress-deployment $INGRESS_DEP \
--default-environment-prefix tekton \
--git-provider-kind github \
--namespace cd \
--prow \
--tekton \
jx get teams
jx team jx
jx team cd
jx create quickstart \
--filter golang-http \
--project-name jx-serverless \
cd jx-serverless
ls -l
cat jenkins-x.yml
jx get activities \
--filter jx-serverless \
kubectl -n cd get pods
jx get pipelines
jx console
jx get build logs
cd ..
hub delete -y \
hub delete -y \
hub delete -y \
hub delete -y \
hub delete -y $GH_USER/jx-serverless
rm -rf jx-serverless
rm -rf ~/.jx/environments/$GH_USER/environment-jx-rocks-*
rm -rf ~/.jx/environments/$GH_USER/environment-tekton-*
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