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SlideshowObject initialization for Picture Library Slideshow web part
//1.Initializtion of Picture entries for SlideshowObject
var pictureArray = [...];
var linkArray = [...];
var titleArray = [...];
var descriptionArray = [...];
var heightArray = [...];
var widthArray = [...];
//2.Creating of slideshow object
//transitionTime - the interval time, in seconds, between the display of subsequent pictures (Speed property of PictureLibrarySlideshowWebPart)
//mode - the display order (sequential or random) of the pictures (Mode property of PictureLibrarySlideshowWebPart)
var slideshowObject = new SlideshowObject(slideshowObjectId, pictureArray, linkArray, titleArray, descriptionArray, heightArray, widthArray, transitionTime, mode);
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