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videlais/main.lua Secret

Created Apr 10, 2018
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Updated main.lua with physics
function love.load()
-- A meter will be 64px
-- Set the X gravity, Y gravity, and if objects can sleep
world = love.physics.newWorld( 0, 0, true )
-- Create a table table
player = {}
-- Create a width (for later drawing)
player.width = 20
-- Create a height (for later drawing)
player.height = 20
-- Create a new physics body in the world and make it "dynamic"
-- The new coordinates will be where the 'body' is going forward.
-- Any time (like for drawing) the x,y is neededm use getX() and getY()
player.body = love.physics.newBody( world, 100, 100, "dynamic" )
-- Make a rectangle shape with:
-- Starting at 100, 100 (player.body:getX() and player.body:getY() )
-- a width of player.width
-- a height of player.height
player.shape = love.physics.newRectangleShape(player.body:getX(), player.body:getY(), player.width, player.height)
-- Attach the shape to the body
player.fixture = love.physics.newFixture(player.body, player.shape, 1);
function love.update(dt)
-- Feed the world the current delta time (dt)
if love.keyboard.isDown("up") then
player.body:applyForce(0, -40)
if love.keyboard.isDown("down") then
player.body:applyForce(0, 40)
if love.keyboard.isDown("left") then
player.body:applyForce(-40, 0)
if love.keyboard.isDown("right") then
player.body:applyForce(40, 0)
function love.draw()
-- Draw the rectangle using:
-- "fill" (fill in the shape)
-- Using the X of player.body
-- Using the Y of player.body
-- Using the player.width
-- Using the player.height"fill", player.body:getX(), player.body:getY(), player.width, player.height )
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