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Yehonathan Sharvit viebel

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View create-graph.clj
(ns dijkstra.core)
(defn make-graph [] (atom {}))
(defn add-node [g node]
(swap! g assoc node {}))
(defn add-edge [g src target]
(swap! g update src #(assoc % target 1)))
View dijkstra.clj
(ns dijkstra.core)
(defn unvisited-neighbors
"Returns unvisited node's neighbors"
[graph node unvisited] (select-keys (get graph node) unvisited))
(defn update-costs
"Returns costs updated with any shorter paths found to curr's unvisited
neighbors by using curr's shortest path"
[g costs curr unvisited]
View capstone-6.clj
(def github-db {"viebel"
{:username "viebel",
:name "Yehonathan Sharvit",
:email "",
:organizations ["ibm" "google"],
{"klipse" {:name "klipse", :stars 23451, :forks 1254},
"titeuf" {:name "titeuf", :stars 1432, :forks 52},
"spirou" {:name "spirou", :stars 455, :forks 9}}},
View tagged-literals.cljs
'[ :as r]])
(binding [r/*data-readers* {'a/num (constantly 1)}]
:a (r/read-string "{:a #a/num \"42\"}"))
View re-frame-timer-demo.cljs
(ns simple.core
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
[re-frame.db :as db]
[re-frame.core :as rf]))
;; A detailed walk-through of this source code is provied in the docs:
;; -- Domino 1 - Event Dispatch -----------------------------------------------
viebel / defn-args.cljs
Last active Jan 26, 2019
The `spec` for `defn` arguments is called `:defn-args` and it is defined in [clojure.core.specs namespace]( But there are two problems with this implementation: 1. It has [not yet been ported]( to `cl…
View defn-args.cljs
(s/def ::local-name (s/and simple-symbol? #(not= '& %)))
(s/def ::binding-form
(s/or :sym ::local-name
:seq ::seq-binding-form
:map ::map-binding-form))
;; sequential destructuring
(s/def ::seq-binding-form
(s/and vector?
View quick-start.clj
(def summaries ["cold" "moderate"]) ;; creates a vector with two strings: "cold" and "moderate"
(def new-summaries (assoc summaries 2 "hot")) ;; creates a new vector with an additional string: "hot"
(def old-names {:c "celsius" }) ;; creates a map from keywords to strings
(def names (assoc old-names {:f "farenheit"})) ;; creates a new map with additional entry
(defn celsius->farenheit [c] ;; define a function that converts from celsius to farenheit
(+ 32 (* c 9/5))) ;; c * 9/5 + 32
(defn celsius->summary [c] ;; define a function that converts from celsius to summary
View topics-low-rank.clj
(require '[clojure.string :refer [join]])
(def d (js->clj js/data :keywordize-keys true))
(join "\n"
(->> (:topics d)
(remove #(get-in % [:factors :bad]))
(remove #(<= (:count %) (+ (get-in % [:factors :automated] 0)
(get-in % [:factors :autoEmail] 0)
View gains.clj
;; gorilla-repl.fileformat = 1
;; **
;; **
;; @@
(ns gains
(:require [gorilla-plot.core :as plot]
[gadjett.collections :refer [map-object]]
viebel / memoize-tr.clj
Created Sep 20, 2018
a memoized version of a function (even if it is not referentially transparent)
View memoize-tr.clj
(defn transparent [arg]
[(type arg) (meta arg) (when (seq? arg) (seq arg)) arg])
(defn memoize-tr
"Returns a memoized version of a function (even if it is not referentially
transparent). The memoized version of the function keeps a cache of the
mapping from arguments to results and, when calls with the same arguments
are repeated often, has higher performance at the expense of higher memory use."
{:added "1.0"
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