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Last active Mar 28, 2017

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to flatten dhrp/sshd : sudo python 2bbfe079a94259b229ae66962d9d06b97fcdce7a5449775ef738bb619ff8ce73 it'll produce a 42422bbfe079a94259b229ae66962d9d06b97fcdce7a5449775ef738bb619ff8ce73 image
import os
from StringIO import StringIO
import json
import sys
import subprocess
import shutil
def getParent(rootid, id):
print "--> ", id
with open("/var/lib/docker/graph/"+id+"/json") as data_file:
data = json.load(data_file)
if "parent" in data:
parent = data["parent"]
getParent(rootid, parent)
print "[cp -r /var/lib/docker/graph/"+id+"/* /var/lib/docker/graph/4242"+rootid+"/]"
os.system("cp -r /var/lib/docker/graph/"+id+"/* /var/lib/docker/graph/4242"+rootid+"/")
rootid = sys.argv[-1]
print "[mkdir /var/lib/docker/graph/4242"+rootid+"]"
getParent(rootid, rootid)
data = []
with open("/var/lib/docker/graph/4242"+rootid+"/json", "r") as data_file:
data = json.load(data_file)
data["id"] = "4242" + data["id"]
del data["parent"]
del data["Size"]
with open("/var/lib/docker/graph/4242"+rootid+"/json", "w") as data_file:
json.dump(data, data_file)
print "==> 4242"+rootid

@vieux I'm trying this script out but I'm not entirely sure what to do once the new graph directory is created. It's executing properly and I'm getting a new imageId back (4242fe27c813ed320e812a98edeec1e3727d0bacb3ac70b48c529b5a98fd376e1395).

I tried to run this image but it doesn't seem to find it locally via the imageId. I'm pretty new to working at this level so any help is much appreciated!

Same issue as @brycereynolds here.

bryyyon commented Aug 13, 2014

@brycereynolds @BertrandBordage: The Python script appears to flatten the image into a new ID matching the old, but with the prefix 4242. So if you flatten the long ID "ABCXXXX" (/var/lib/docker/graph/ABCXXXX/) this script creates: /var/lib/docker/graph/4242ABCXXXX/

While using this I had to remove the 4242 prefix on the JSON "id" field within the /var/lib/docker/graph/4242ABCXXXX/json file, then rename /var/lib/docker/graph/4242ABCXXXX/ back to /var/lib/docker/graph/ABCXXXX/. I was then able to use the flattened image.

Hope this helps. I'm not at all certain if this is a valid way of handling this with respect to Docker, but it's working fine for me so far.

thanks for sharing, but doesn't work on mac as images are not stored in /var/lib/docker/graph

C02SC2J3FVH8:dockerFlatten cclark$ sudo python 270795070413

[mkdir /var/lib/docker/graph/4242270795070413]
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 23, in
OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/docker/graph/4242270795070413'

I tried creating directory /var/lib/docker/graph, but then fails with:

sudo python 270795070413
[mkdir /var/lib/docker/graph/4242270795070413]
--> 270795070413
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 24, in
getParent(rootid, rootid)
File "", line 11, in getParent
with open("/var/lib/docker/graph/"+id+"/json") as data_file:
IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/lib/docker/graph/270795070413/json'

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