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Install honeypot spam prevention to your wordpress to reduce spam comments
This code adds a hidden text field to the comment form to trap spam bots.
Add these code snippet at the end of functions.php.
No other setting needed.
//Add an invisible field to comment form box
add_action('comment_form', 'wpp_add_honeypot');
function wpp_add_honeypot($postID) {
//Adding a invisible textarea with name igotyoubot for spambots, visitors won't see this.
echo '<p style="display:none">';
echo '<textarea name="igotyoubot" cols="100%" rows="10" autocomplete="off"> </textarea>';
echo '<label for="igotyoubot">' . __("I don't like an input here. You Must Leave This Empty") . '</label>';
echo '</p>';
//Check if comment is a spam
add_filter('pre_comment_approved', 'wpp_detect_honeypot');
function wpp_detect_honeypot($comment_status) {
if (!empty($_POST['igotyoubot'])) { // Mark as spam if bot filled out the hidden textarea
$comment_status = 'spam';
return $comment_status;
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DenisCGN commented Feb 4, 2022

Hello @vijujohns
does this honeypot for comments still work on WP5.9?
Thanks and greetings,

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